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    Default CN Again - 7th trip

    We are taking advantage of the great 2012 rates and booking a trip for our 9th anniversary next year. Very special as we were wed at CN and to spend our anniversary there again is so wonderful and a dream come true - we were there for our 5th anniversary as well. As the prices are so low we are taking advantage of the sweet suite deal. Now to wait a long time until September 2012!

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    What is the sweet suite deal?
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    Just some great prices on a suite Wally - I believe you have been recently - any changes we might see after not visiting since 2009? Can't wait

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    The reason I asked is that we just booked our January 2012 vacation there. Thought maybe we could upgrade to a suite if the price was close to the Beachfront room we booked.

    No major changes, no upgrades to the Beachfront rooms, but we like them just the way they are. Here are some minor changes:

    1) Brand new (and beautiful) boardwalk...from the beach grill outdoor eating area all the way to building 6

    2) Huge blue u-shaped sectional couches on the on each side of the beach bar. (Those may have been there in 2009 when you were last there)

    3) Heliconia is no longer Italian, but a Mediterranean restaurant. The menu changes every two days and they still have the wonderful Lasagna. Plus a loaded 8-ounce beef patty that is billed as a hamburger, but order it without a bun and it becomes an amazing steak/meatloaf thing with so many complimenting flavors, I can’t explain the taste. It was so good that I had it a second time, and ignored everything else on the menu that night.

    4) Chef Misja left shortly after our visit, which may or may not impact the wonderful food at CN. Karen is still the GM and Tyrone still runs the Heliconia.

    5) The Bon Fire was moved farther toward the water sports area to get it away from the noise of the cleanup after the Beach Party. Now, all you hear is the fire and the sweet music of Shyam Moses…who has another new CD out.
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