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    Default Which RESORT?!?!

    Hi friends! My husband and I are planning out late honeymoon, and we want to visit one of the Couples Resorts in Jamaica. We have thoroughly researched all four, but I want to hear from actual visitors!

    Which resort do we choose?????

    We are in our early/mid 20's. We love to drink and socialize with new people. At the same time, we want a great beach and pool to lounge on during the day and fun activities to do during the day and night. We LOVE a fun nightlife, so that is a must! We are probably going to be booking our trip sometime within the next 2 weeks.


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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    Your situation sounds exactly like mine!!! We are early/mid 20's and planning on heading to a Couples Resort for our honeymoon in early October. I'm a little nervous that there will not be anyone our age there (it seems to be a bit of an older crowd?) and we like to drink and socialize!

    Here is something I learned from my travel agent- Negril has the best beaches, but is pretty far from Ocho Rios where most of the excursions are so you would be limited in exploring more than the resort. Tower Isle includes a couple more excursions but not as nice of beaches. My advice would be to choose Tower Isle or Sans Souci because you get more excursions with those two... but I am also stuck on which one of those to choose!

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    I personally would not choose a resort based on excursions - I would choose it for the features most important to us. Beach is at the top of the list as well as room features.

    CSA and CN have the best beaches hands down and we really enjoy going to the cliffs in Negril for a sunset. We also love to walk the beach and CN and CSA are the best choices for that.

    In about 30 trips to Jamaica, I have participated in one group excursion and that was Dunn's River Falls many year ago. Proximity to popular excursion sites is of no relevance to us.

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    Do you plan to use the all-nude areas at all? I've been reading a lot (we're booked for the Secret Rendezvous 3/29-4/5, so we won't know our resort until two weeks from Tuesday) so that I can get all excited when I finally find out where we're going. If you are interested in all-nude activities, here's something to consider:

    CN, maybe the best all-nude beach, if you're beach people.
    CTI, a private island with swimming pool/bar, they bring lunch over
    CSS, sounds like the largest all-nude area, with a decent beach and a good pool/hot tub, bar, and place to get lunch.
    CSA, no all-nude area, though topless sunbathing is allowed on the beach.

    We're "younger" for this resort chain (he's 28, I'm 30). It sounds like the "nudie" folks are a lot of fun, so we'll definitely try that out if we end up at CN, CSS, or CTI. We've never been to a Couples before, but adults-only all-inclusive was the ONLY way we were willing to go after a trip to Secrets Capri Riviera Maya (Mexico) last fall. It seems like a simliar atmosphere to Secrets, a diverse crowd with a lot of older folks, mostly American, Canadian, and some English.

    We LOVED Secrets Capri, and we're ready to fall in love with Couples, too!

    Congrats on the wedding, and good luck finding the best fit of the four resorts!

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    CSA has easy access to the most beautiful beach in Jamaica in seven mile beach.We are eagerly waiting for April 20 for trip number 4. There are many excursions from the Negril resorts and many bars, shops, and restaurants within walking distance. World famous Ricks Cafe is a short cab ride away as are many other cool places.
    We did CSS 2 years ago and while it is a gorgeous place, I didn't like the small beach and felt confined. Good luck, they are all great!

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    38 and 29 and from all i've read (alot!) CSA seems to be the best all around.

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    Personally, I think it's great to be around all sorts of people you might not normally choose. Love for our partners and love for couples brings us all home. Be open, make friends, and know that people older than mid-twenties know how to party as well!

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    I think I know what AliMcCracken is concerned about. I have to admit I'm a little concerned too (June 2011 posts are pretty quiet). you are spending alot of money here for a vaca / honeymoon. You want some people in your age bracket... It doesn't have to be everyone and nothing says that you will only talk to those people. It just makes conversation easier. That said, from all the posts that i've been readingI think CSA will be a good mix of everyone. It's kind of funny.. Over 2500 people have viewed the CSA Meetup June 2011 post and only 100 people have posted. Might be a shy crowd.

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    Don't be concerned about the age range. We have been to Couples in March, April, May, November, and December. Every time there was a good mix of ages. There were also plenty of the younger crowd to help keep you entertained. No need for concern.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Haha, exactly! We don't mind how old anyone is. We just want a fun atmosphere of people are like to socialize like we do! We haven't booked our trip yet, BUT I was researching the resorts last night and I think we have decided on CSA. Best beach, lots of restaurants/bars to choose from, and awesome rooms!

    About the rooms, which ones are the best?

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    BFVS!! Stayed there the past four trips to CSA and loved it! Just got back Monday.

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    I just booked the Atrium room for our first visit (honeymoon). CSA frequent flyers seem to really like them. I think we'll miss you by a few days. we are 13th through the 24th.

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    We just returned from our honeymoon last week. We went to Jamaica for the first time and stayed at CSA in the Atrium Room. We absolutley Loved it! We are in our mid to late twenties. We felt like there was a mix of ages. Our room was so great with the shutters. We could feel the breeze and hear the great sounds of Jamaica! We were up early but if you like to sleep late you do hear some noise from just people out and about. We did not find this an issue at all. The entertainment was unreal, as far as excursions you will have plenty of options! We did the night snorkel and swam with the dolphins, both I would highly recommend! If your looking for spring break kind of partying, this would not be it in my opion. But if you just was to meet nice people, have plenty to do, and just have a really good time I would say book it now!!

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    My fiance and I are having the SAME EXACT problem. We are going to Couples for our first time in June and are getting married there as well, just the two of us. We're leaning towards Negril because of the beach and the al natural beach, but keep changing our minds everyday!

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    You came to the wrong place. Couples clientele, from my experience, tend to be fairly parochial about their favorite resort. Some folks have been to more than one, even all four. But I think its safe to say that everyone has their favorite.

    So I, for one, am not going to try to steer you one way or another. However, after you've spent so much time researching, I'm concerned that none of the four resorts has not called to you. Are you sure that Couples is for you?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My fiance and I are planning on going to one of the resorts in early October as well and need help deciding which resort to go with! I def want the Dunns River Falls experience, so I guess that leaves it to TI and SS. Which is "better"?

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    We just started planning our vacation for this year and sounds like CSA is the way to go. Went to CTI last year and we had a blast. Want to go back to Jamaica, but see something different. If CSA is like CTI, you will all love it, I know we will too. Great mix of ages, backgrounds, etc. Heading down around June 13th.

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    We booked last week. We're heading to CSA! Big beach, awesome setting, and lots of restaurants and bars! Thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliMcCracken View Post
    Haha, exactly! We don't mind how old anyone is. We just want a fun atmosphere of people are like to socialize like we do! We haven't booked our trip yet, BUT I was researching the resorts last night and I think we have decided on CSA. Best beach, lots of restaurants/bars to choose from, and awesome rooms!

    About the rooms, which ones are the best?
    We visited CSA last April and stayed in an Atrium Room. We LOVED the feel of this room, it was simple, elegant, and damn sexy. Granted there are other rooms that offer "beachfront beauty" but you will find some foot traffic in front of your room which some don't like. Dollar for dollar, I'd vote for the Atrium...use the extra money you'll save to add another day to your trip.

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