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    Default Books about Jamaica in Rooms

    I want to order one of the books about Jamaica that are located in the rooms? I know there is a website and coupon in the back of them and have lost mine. What is the website where I can order the book. Have been wanting one for a while and finally getting around to ordering one. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    You may also like to read a book called "Mr. Jamaica". I'm sorry I don't know the publisher. It is the story of Abe Issa, the father of all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. It was written by one of his daughters Suzan. Mr. Issa founded Couples Tower Isla in 1948. It was a mecca for Hollywood stars and starletts in the early 1950. It's a wonderful insight into his life and how he came to Jamaica.

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    Alyson_jason -- I have one of the books to which you are referring. If I can remember WHERE I have it, I'll look up the publisher for you and post here.

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    so can anyone look in their bathroom and tell me about that book on Jamaica that is in there?

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    You know, I was just thinking that I ordered one last August, and never rec'd it! hmmmm

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    Awesome. Thank you so much.

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    We've been to Couples Negril 8 times. I never saw a magazine/book in the room. Did I miss it? I guess I don't spend enough time in the room?

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    What is this book? I'm going to CTI in October and would love to read up on the place since it seems to have so much history? Any suggestions?

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    It's called Destination Jamaica. Just to warn you I ordered one years ago and the one I received was a paperback...exact same one that was in the room just not a hardback copy. I took a coupon out of the book in our room last October, I don't see a website but the snail-mail info is:

    Destination Jamaica
    1995 NE 150th St Ste 107
    North Miami, FL 33181-1120

    The coupon says they are $8.50 per copy including postage and handling.

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    Thanks for the info! I'm ok with the copy being a paperback. I'd just like to read up a bit on the place before I go! I'm so excited! LOL

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    Thank you so much for the information on the book. Anyone else feel free to add additional information. Paperback is fine for me.

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    the JHTA does have an official website, but the "destination jamaica" publication link shows "page not found".

    Mine is also a magazine-style/paperback version of the one in the room (but from 2004).

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    If you are interested you could check out this website, it's essentially an online version of the magazine. The link I got it from was an article about the magazine, the JHTA and the same publisher which is the same as the one listed in the copy I have so I'm sure it's the same. I didn't spend much time on the site but looking at the home page I didn't readily see a place to order a copy of the magazine so this will just have to tide you over until your copy arrives.

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