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    Default A split starting at CSS and ending at CSA *questions*

    We're all ready booked at CSA for a full 11 night honeymoon in June in the Atrium rooms. I spoke with out travel agent today and she told me we could split the trip between CSS (5 nights in Ocean View Rooms) and CSA (6 nights) for almost no increase in cost. Any thoughts on this? We are active and want to go see things but also want plenty of lazy time. I'm afraid that switching resorts half way through will have us running from attraction to attraction at both sites and we'll lose out on all the rest time. Flip side is that we'll stay at CSA for the full 11 nights and get bored. Any advice on this? Has anyone done a honeymoon between CSA and CSS if so, how as it? Is there enough activity at CSA to entertain us for 11 nights?


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    I think it would depend on you and your love. We wouldnt like to move to CSS as it would take up a good chunk of your day plus getting the feel of a new resort. The first day and last day of a vaction don't really count because of travel time. So really your vaction is only 9 days.

    We went to CSA for 8 days and it wasnt long enough for us. It took us 6 days to get bored of just sitting on the beach and wacthing the world go by. So by the time we want to go do something we had leave.

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    I don't think I would want to split a stay of that length. The atriums are our favorites and CSA is our favorite resort so 11 days there sounds just about right!

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    We decided to stay at CSA for all 11 days. Thanks!

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    I agree. I don't think you'll get bored in 11 days at CSA. I was thinking 11 days at CSA isn't long enough. We leave for CSA in 10 days for a 9 night/10 day trip, and this is our 3rd trip to CSA. I have no worries about it being too long. I know that on day 10 I'm going to be so sad having to leave. I think I could stay a month and not be bored. :O)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LK/JK View Post
    ...for almost no increase in cost...
    CSA is the most expensive of the 4 resorts. CSS is typically the second least expensive. If you were to split your stay with CSS the price should go down, not up.
    We did a split with 14 days total (CTI and CSS). It was great, but I donít think I would do it with less days, particularly across the island. You lose time not only in travel, but packing and unpacking. Plus with less than a week at each resort you will miss out on activities/dinners that are specific days of the week.

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    We've split between CSS and CSA and did 11 nights (5 at SS, 6 at CSA). The transition isn't bad - it takes about 3 hours to go from one resort to the other. We started at CSS and ended at CSA. We were very much ready to move to CSA as we weren't having good weather at CSS and that resort really wasn't a great fit for us.

    I think I would be fine with 11 nights at just CSA - but also, previously, we stayed at CN 12 nights and found that to be too long. We've found that 9 or 10 nights is the magic number for us.

    Since you want to be active, I think switching resorts might be a good fit for you, and I don't think you'd feel rushed at either place. If by active you're also including fitness (working out, etc) CSA's athletic center is AMAZING.
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    We have stayed at CSA for 5 nights and for 11 nights. Both lengths were prefect for those specific stays. We are reyurni g for 11 nights this July. We feel that 11 nights will be perfect for this stay also. With the fitness center and golf course there will be plenty to keep us busy. Of course our main objective is to relax and spend time together.

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    I think either way is great. We have stayed 9 nights at CSA in the past and never got bored. If you do decide to do the split I read where another couple posted they left before 7am and got to the other side of the island in less than 3 hours....they said they ended up eating breakfast there once they arrived.

    We have been to CSA twice and LOVED it....decided to try something different this September and will be heading to CSS. Can't wait to come home

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