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    Default Noise @ Garden Veranda Suites

    Hi everyone! I am new to the board and also our first time to Jamaica. I really like the feel and looks of Couples Swept Away - am ready to book for May 18-25 and all it shows that is left is the Garden Veranda Suites. I read a comment from someone that it is noisy and you can hear the honking @ night. Is this true? Even with the air conditioning on? Can someone reply that has stayed in one of these rooms please? Thanks for your help!

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    Yes, the traffic can barely be heard. It mainly was the larger trucks with a low rumble. Horns could be heard as well. We were on the top floor. The bottom floor is likely better, as the roadside wall would block more of the sound.

    I didn't think the slight noise was an issue. I am a sound sleeper. My wife is a very light sleeper, and it bothered her. Out upcoming trip (in 94 days), we will stay away from the road.

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    Stayed in GVS last month. Yes you can hear honking at times at night. We usually only had fan on so not sure how much a/c blocks out. I took earplugs with me but never used them as noise wasn't that bothersome. This was our first time in GVS as we have always stayed in atriums.

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    We stayed in one of the rooms back in December, over Christmas. At night we did not notice the noise. At least not enough for us to be woken up early or not goto sleep. If, big if, your a real light sleep it mgiht bother you. And then if so, take ear plugs. But again, we had no issues with the noise there.
    You will love CSA! On the countdown to go back there this Dec/11

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    When did you like better the Atrium room or Garden Veranda Room?

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    With all the sun, fun and booze, it was never an issue. We closed the bathroom window and just had the fan on as the AC was too cold for me. I would book it again.

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    I am a light sleeper and we were in an older building and the noise was very loud with all the honking. That was my experience.

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    Hello, we were in a gvs in building 9 in January. It is noisy, not so much of a problem between say 11:00 pm and 5:30 am but the early morning was very noisy with lots of road traffic even with ear plugs we didn't get back to sleep easily if at all. We would not stay in that category again. We toured each category and if we returned to Swept Away (Sans Souci is still our favourite) we would stay in the oceanview although some of the atriums are wonderfully placed as well but you don't know which one you will be able to get.

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    we stayed in bldg 3 last month on the ground floor.
    the parking lot was in front of our room and then the road.
    we did not incur any abnormal noise. cant be any worse than at home.
    there is a lot of vegetation that blocks out the noise.
    enjoy the room.

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