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    Default LARGE CRABS - where can I find them and how big are they?

    I am desperately wanting to see the large crabs that some have commented on. I understand that the best time to see them is in the night. Can someone tell me how big is a "giant crab?" I seriously want to see them!

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    Yikes! The only giant crabs I want to see better be on the buffet!!

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    We were walking to the Palms at CSA early one morning for breakfast and saw a large 1 clawed crab about the size of a wanted to cross the path right before the swimming pool.

    I would NOT be keen to see these critters at night - they really are quite large!

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    At CSA they lived in the garden areas closer to the road. They come out at night and you can hear the walking on the sidewalk. It sounds like wood clicking against it. There are also a few in the ocean under the volleyball net. I was swimming too close and one ran at me.

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    I was going to crack a "Go to Kingston" joke butt.....

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    We haven't seen any at CTI, but we stayed mainly indoors at night.

    At CN they are around the buildings and on the beach. We also saw some in the surf.

    At CSS we saw one walking up the sweeping staircase from the main lawn. It was pretty amazing that he could get up the set of stairs.

    They seem to be around garden areas and come out at night. I've seen several, but they have never tried to pinch anyone. I think they are harmless.

    I'd say they are the size of about 2 softballs, perhaps slightly larger.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Hi we were at CN last December and sitting on our patio having a nice glass of wine (first floor) and up on the patio comes this giant crab! scared me half to death I was afraid to get off my chair. My husband tried to get to go away, which he thought that he did but about a half and hour later back he came so we just went in. But it was great to see that giant crab he just caught us off gaurd. We also a few years ago were at the swim up pool bar one morning just as it was opening and Carrie the bartender jumped back from his sink and there was a giant crab in his bar sink. The poor thing crawled in the night before and got stuck. They put a towel over it and brought it to the bushes. So just sit on your patio and maybe you will be lucky enough to be greeted. Diane

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    Default they aren't giant

    The crabs in the Caribbean have one large claw and one small claw. They are certainly big enough though. One night I was sitting on the patio with the lights off, the wind blew a leaf over my foot. Turns out it wasn't a leaf! It was one of those crabs! I had the lights off cuz I woke up late in the night and didn't have any clothes on. It was guarding the sliding door. All i could do was stand on a chair....nude, yelling for my wife. She finally woke up and could do nothing but laugh. If she opened the door the crab might attack her. I just had to stand on the chair naked until it left about 10 min later. I have some pics of it. That 1 huge claw is scary! We still laugh about that.

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    Saw them every night both times I've been at cn. Like others I wasn't expecting them and nearly wet my pants. However, they seem to be shy. Don't worry, you'll see them!

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    Yup... they be big... They lay their eggs at about the same time that the lobsters do... however, they tend to come in to the sandy areas to do so, I believe.

    I remember our first visit to the island (and Negril) back in 1993. One night, my bride and I were walking to the room after a late dinner and the biggest crab I'd ever seen came skittering across our path... he had to be all of 6 inches across the carapice!

    Last year we had a funny guy try to pick a fairly big one up... it latched on to his pointing finger with the big claw and wouldn't let go... this one was about 3" across the carapice and she would not let go!... It was hilarious watching this guy trying to shake her off... until her claw finally snapped off!

    So yeah... they get kind of big... but they're more afraid of you than you should be of them... they startle you more than anything... really harmless, actually.


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    We stay in bldg 6 and have seen the crabs outside our door every night. They hide in the vegetation and come out at night. We have seen them on the sidewalk but they run and hide very fast. I caught one on camera but I can't figure out how to post it. Ill keep trying

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    I try to avoid them. We walked up on one two years ago and it scared me ALOT more than it was scared....and it continues to be that way. But they are out quite a bit in the evening especially in the darker areas on the CN.

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    anyone have a pic?

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    Two years in a row at CN and didn't see any. I was quite startled though last year when I came across a giant cockroach on two seperate occasions...

    So when you say big - we're talking like 6 inches? Not like a foot or two, right? I'll be on the lookout for sure - in 3 days!

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    We were at CN last June and we saw one the first evening there. Like everyone else I nearly had a heart attack. He "lived" in one of the garden areas near our room. I got to where I looked forward to seeing him every night. As we'd walk by the garden where he lived we'd check the hole and "yep he's in there" or "nope, nobody home...he must be out somewhere". It made a special memory for us!

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    Just ask around when you arrive, especially the groundskeeping guys. They'll know where you might find one. I think they usually live inland in the morass, but sometimes cross the street to reach the ocean.

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    Ran into one , one night on our way to diner, I grabbed it from the back (they are quick) and picked it up and quickly let it go when it pinched me...LOL And before you ask..I'm a guy.. I had to pick it up!!

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    Yes the crabs are large, and the only thing better than seeing them is to go to the Office of nature and have them fix one for you to eat, which is just what I did this past trip. here are the pictures my wife took of me totally enjoying it. This crab measured about 15 inches across the claws, the body was 7 inches.
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    Well, I'm glad I know about them now - won't be quite as shocked if one comes scurrying by! Thanks for the pics Steve!

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    I hope we get a visitor. Maybe I'll mark him with some chalk (so it washes off) and We'll have a honeymoon mascot. Some kind of a pirate sticker would be funny. (I won't hurt him anyone)

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    here's a pic we caught of the crab we lovingly dubbed "big blue." He resides under the bridge of the spa pond at CN. He is very cool, but like most crabs, is typically active after sundown and will leave you alone if you keep your distance. Many thanks to our wonderful British pals Kevin and Jacqui (who we met at CN last year) for showing us big blue! We think he is awesome and can't wait to come visit him again in 2012 for our fourth trip back home to CN!!
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    Hi (cousin) Diane,

    Would have like to have seen Carrie's reaction - too funny. Watch your e-mails this weekend. I'll try to send you some pictures of us w/Tennyson and others. Mike and I will be at CN May 12-22. I think you and your Mike should join us!!!


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    Hi Jean we would love to join you at CN. But we just can't swing it in may, we are booked for 7 nights at CSS in December and then we are heading over to CN for 12 nights over christmas. You should think about joining us at christmas?? We also have a love for vegas so that has to be fit it somewhere as well. I will wait to hear from you and have fun in may, Give franklin and Ivylynn a big hug for me and mike and also our son yannik. We just love that kid he is like our own. Diane

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    Default CSS Crabs

    This big guy was on the stairs on morning after a rain went through the night before.
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