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    Default Late food options

    We will be arriving late about 10-11pm if all goes as planned. I assume once we get settled that it may be 11 - 11:30pm. Wondering what food options will be available when we get there. We will be traveling since 11am - so aside from airline food, we might be hungry for a meal? Any thoughts?

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    which resort will you be staying at?

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    Default There's always something to eat

    Which ever resort you are going to i am sure you will find something to eat. at CTI & CSS i think the grills are open most of the night.
    I know on our first trip to CTI we were delayed and did not arrive until about 2am - we went to our room but the AC was so loud we just couldn't stay in the room. The staff were great and just said to go down to the beach have something to eat and they would move us.
    well we were tired & thirsty but went down to the beach, and was just amazed to be eating jerk chicken and chips on the beach at 4am in the morning, as hubby would say "well past our bedtime".
    It was the start of a wonderful holiday, and there have been many more since.

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    Which resort are you staying at? At CSA, the Cabana Grill will be open. :O)

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    At all four resorts the grill is open to help with those late night arrivals or munchies.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks all. We will be arriving at CSA at about 11:30 pm

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    Go straight to the Cabana Grill at CSA, you may not want to eat anywhere else. Beef patties, burgers, jerk chicken to die for, onion rings, and all sorts of other stuff. One night the cook was preparing some local fish and rice dish not on the menu,but for the staff. She made me up a plate of it and OH MY GOD! I'm dyin just talking about it.

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