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    My partner and I will be visiting Couples Sans Souci in a few weeks. After dating and living together for three years I am ready to pop the big question (...and no, not should we try out the AN Beach).

    I have a few romantic ideas for the proposal, but thought I might throw it out there for recommendations as there may be some options I have not considered. This would have to be a relatively private moment, ie not in the middle of the Gala dinner or in front of a crowd. It would have to be somewhat secluded, romantic and memorable(... I am guessing sober too).

    Both mid thirties, active, and enjoy life!

    Any suggestions?

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    You could book a private dinner on the beach and work it into the dinner somehow. Your waiter would probably be more than happy to help. You can book the dinner before you even leave for your trip and work out some details with the coordinator in advance. Or, you could work with room service and have something delivered to your room with Chapagne, flowers, chocolate or something like that? Or, you could with with housekeeping to arrange Marry Me in flowers to be placed on your bed in the room?

    Just a few ideas! Whatever you choose, it will be perfect!!!

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    How about during a private beach dinner

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    When you arrive at the resort let the front desk know your plans and they can help make it very special!

    One idea is to do it at the wedding gazebo. Very private and a beautiful view. You could have a private dinner there and pop the question there. The chefs can make a special desert with the ring and "Will You Marry Me" in writing on the plate. Lots of options.

    You could also have room service deliver a bottle of champagne to the room with a special gift box with the ring inside. Or have dinner in your room and pop the question there. There are lots of nooks and crannies at CSS with lots of privacy where you can pop the question. There is a gigantic tree by the pond with a bench in front of it that would be nice for a question.
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    My husband proposed to me at CSS almost 4 years ago. It was the last night of our trip and he did do it on SSb, but it was near twilight, when clothing was optional. We were actually the only ones over there and it was so romantic. I wasn't even expecting it. We just got married in October and will be returning to Jamaica and going to CSA for our belated honeymoon.

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    There's a sax man who walks around during sunset, maybe you could make a request at the front desk for the guy to come round your balcony and serenade you, and then do it then (this is a suggestion from my hubby). But if you change your mind about it being a private moment, the talent show or gala dinner would be awesome for those of us who love to witness proposals!

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    Why don't you try to meet some people beforehand and maybe get the proposal on video somehow. I think that would be a great thing and something to look back on later. I think about when my husband proposed and wish that someone would have been there to tape it for us. What a great memory that you could relive together on your anniversary! Even some stills of the proposal would be nice. I know Couples has done proposals for guests by way of ice sculptures but that would have to be arranged ahead of time. Good luck! You can't go wrong with anything you choose because you've already chosen Couples!

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    We had a private dinner in the wedding gazebo, perfect place for a proposal!

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    The staff is top notch at this. They will do everything short of shooting off fireworks spelling out your proposal over the moonlit sky of Negril.

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    IDK, I think maybe finding a larger shell (you may have to buy it) and putting the ring in it and letting your partner "find" it would be kind of cool. Of course, you'd have to make sure you didn't lose it in the sand!

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    Thanks for all the ideas!!!! Hopefully I will get a positive response!!

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    There are so many nooks and crannies all over the resort that its hard to suggest just one place until you're there and get a feel for it. If you want to be more spontaneous than a dinner there are hammocks in some lovely secluded spots. There's an enormous cotton tree over by the pond that makes a great setting. Pretty much anywhere on the resort will suffice as it is the most romantic place on earth in my book. My husband and I got married in the gazebo last April and it was amazing. They have it decorated most the time for weddings so its a great spot too. You could write it in the sand by yourself if you wanted. The beach over by the health club is almost always empty and a good spot to do it. Whatever you do it will be your memories and I'm sure it will be perfect. Best wishes to you both!

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    I did this and it was awesome! Buy some parchment paper at an office supplies store. Use a font on your computer that resembles caligraphy. Type a poem / letter expressing your love but don't address it to her specifically until the end. You can 'age' the letter by crumpling it a few times and then rolling it up. Start it like "Oh, how do I love thee? May this letter find you that you will know how much I love you" you know .....mushy stuff. Place the letter inside a wine bottle and have it stratigically placed on the beach at a certain time by someone so that she finds it. In my case, she found it and said "Oh, look a time capsule... some highschool kids must have done this". She opened it and read it and was blown away. At the end it said "(name) will you marry me". Blown away!! You could easily set this up with a staff member at a very specific time and have him/her place it on the shore in a specific place with the note in the bottle with a cork sealing it.

    In my case she LOVED it and all of her friends thought it was amazing that I came up with that idea. Give it a whirl and if you do let me know how you make out.

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    I vote for the flower petals on the bed that say MARRY ME.

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    I actually proposed to my boyfriend in February at CSA.

    Each day, we would go to the beach really early in the morning and we were the only ones there. We went that morning and found a palapa and lay down to enjoy the waves lapping up on the beach. We were the only ones on the beach.

    I had created a photo book on the pc, which had photos and memories from all our years together, 1st date, holidays, parties etc and I gave this to my boyfriend. Each memory started with, 'do you remember when', or 'remember that day' etc. When he got to the last page, it said, do you remember that day I proposed to you on a beach in Jamaica and the page had a photo of an engagement ring.

    When my boyfriend turned round I was kneeling beside him with the exact same ring.

    It was a very low key proposal, but with a lot of thought put into it. You could always have champagne there for when she says yes as well, but I wanted no one to know I was going to propose so kept it low key.

    It suited us, but might not be everyone's idea of the perfect proposal.

    It was very romantic for us.

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    I love love love the photobook idea! What are your ideas? I will say though as a girl I would like the proposal to be at the begining of our trip so we sould enjoy the majority of the vacation as an engaged couple!

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    Thanks photochick5, I'm glad you liked my proposal. I put a lot of thought into it lol. I thought the same as you and proposed on the second day. I didn't want to be worrying about when I would propose and getting nervous about it. It worked out really well and we had a lovely holiday as an engaged couple lol

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    I really love the photobook idea as well! CSS sounds like the perfect place to propose. I will share my story in a few weeks.... presuming I get a positive response.
    Thanks to all of your ideas and suggestions.

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    Hey OnOneKnee,

    Just wondered what proposal idea you decided to go for and how it went. Can't wait to hear.

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