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    Default Great House Veranda Rooms

    Do all the Great House Veranda rooms have jacuzzi tubs? Can someone tell me how the noise level is in these rooms? We are trying to decide whether to change dates from May to June because there are more room choices. Does anyone have a picture of the bathrooms in a Atrium room? Thanks for your help!

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    No, all the Great House rooms do not have jacuzzi tubs. The one trip we stayed in the Great House we had no issue with noise. It was actually very quiet. Every once in a while you would hear people come into their room, like their door close because it is more like a hotel. We love the Atrium Suites but some people say they're too noisy. So, it's all about preference really. I love to be able to hear the tree frogs and the sounds of the night in the Atrium! I'm sorry but I don't have any pics of the bathrooms in the Atrium. It is a pretty standard bathroom, nothing special. One thing some people dislike is that the wall doesn't reach the top of the ceiling and so they worry I guess about privacy. So, again it's all preference. For us, we would pick an Atrium over a GHVS any day. :O)

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    Default Great House rooms

    Only about 4 of the rooms in the Great House have tubs. These are indicated by the room type of Great House Jacuzzi Suites. The "regular" rooms in the Great House are more like a hotel room as the building has corridors. There is a bit more noise there as the hallways do echo and the restaurant and nightclub are in the building as well. Just came back from CSA after staying in room 5101 in the Great House.

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    If you go to the web page for CSA and click on accommodations you will find detailed descriptions for each room category...

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    Only the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite rooms have jacuzzis, not just in the Greathouse, but in the entire resort. There are only four of GHJS rooms.

    We stayed in the greathouse in January/February. The soundproofing is excellent. We never heard anything from the Aura Lounge at night. If we left our verandah doors open, we could hear people at the Cabana Grill late at night, but that was easily solved by closing our doors. I'm sure in June you will not be sleeping with the doors open, but rather with the doors closed and a/c cranked.

    One note - the greathouse hallways are not carpeted. So if you are a late sleeper, be aware that the maid carts VERY promptly start rolling at 9:00 a.m. sharp. We are early risers, so we never noticed the noise, but others have noted it.

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    We stayed in a Great House Verandah room the last week of January. If we left the doors open, we could hear a little bit of noise from one of the restaurants. When we closed the doors at night to run the AC, we couldn't hear anything. We had room 5205, I posted a slideshow of some pictures:


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    Thanks for the slideshow. We've also booked a Great House Veranda room for our trip in June. It gives us some idea of what we'll be seeing in about 86 days!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wedge47 View Post

    Thanks for the slideshow. We've also booked a Great House Veranda room for our trip in June. It gives us some idea of what we'll be seeing in about 86 days!

    Glad it was helpful! I made that because I had a hard time finding pictures of that room type anywhere but the resort's website. Have fun!


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    We have stayed in the GH 3 times...we love it! No issue with noise ever.
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    Thanks sooooooooo much for the slideshow. We will be staying in a GHVS in 44 days and have been looking for more pics of that room category. Yr pics r great. Thanks again. Can't wait to be there.

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    Default CN?

    Are the Veranda Rooms at CN?

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    The "verandah suites" are at CSA. Here is a link to the CN accommodations page:

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