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    Default should we upgrade CSA room?

    Finally decided on CSA!! We are booked for 5 nights this fall. Thanks to everyone for your comments which helped us decide where to go.

    My question: we've booked an OVS, and I am wondering if we should upgrade to a BFVS since it would only cost about $20/night more. Is there any reason people might prefer the OVS to the BFVS? FYI, we chose the OVS because I am a light sleeper and from what I've read the GVS and the atrium suites can be noisy.

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    It's really personal preference. Many will tell you that they don't spend much time in their room so the room doesn't matter to them, I can certainly respect that. For us, we love to sit on our verandah so a view was important. We had a BFVS and LOVED it, for us it was worth every penny, a couple days we didn't even go to the beach we just sat on the are THAT close. If you aren't the type to spend a lot of time in the room I'd save the money and spend it on something at the spa, gift shop or stay an extra night. You won't have a long walk to the beach from your OVS, it's purely about the view so if you aren't there to enjoy it why spend the money.

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    My opinion, the advantage of the BFVS over the OVS is the view of the water and possibly the "walking right off your verandah onto the beach" (first floor only, obviously). The advantage of the OVS over the BFVS is less foot traffic near your room. The main/most travelled walkway on the resort runs along the beach, between the beach and BFVS's. Not as much of an issue on the upper floors and it doesn't seem to bother some folks. Personnally, an OVS would be more than sufficient for us, but I wouldn't dislike a BFVS either.
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    BFVS are RIGHT in front of ocean, OVS are behind them. So its up to you. If its your first trip I would go with the BFVS to be honest! Then on your second trip you can decide. Our first trip we stayed in the BFS on the older side and I am a light sleeper and didnt hear anything but the am carts coming by but we get up and walk the beach in am so its ok with us.

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    Having stayed in the OVS on our stay, and seeing the location of the BFVS I would definitely upgrade to the BFVS or the BFS. The only drawback for some people on the BFS is lack of TV and the room is a bit smaller.

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    It YOUR vacation and YOUR budget...not ours...

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