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    Default Help from other Stacey Clarke brides please

    Hi All,

    I just wondered if someone who has used Stacey Clarke could help with the following please:

    We are getting married at CN in Nov and have booked Stacey for 2 hours.

    I've ended up getting a much more expensive dress than planned and because of this, I don't feel right about doing any trash the dress photos in it. In fact the lady at the wedding dress shopped looked at me in utter horror when I mentioned it, LOL! I also have to wear it again for our wedding party in the UK when we get back.

    My question is... is 2 hours with Stacey enough to get lots of photos around the grounds and especially on the beach and then have time to change quickly into another cheaper dress for some trash the dress shots? Or should I book another hour with her? Has anyone done this in two hours?

    My main concern is getting a good selection of beach shots in my nice dress as we're just going on our own so we want lots of photos to show our families but orginally felt that 3 hours was too long.

    Please help as I will need to contact Stacey asap if I need another hour booked.

    Thanks xx

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    We were married on June 18th @ CN and Stacey took our pics. I had the same question about having enough time in two hours to get plenty of pictures. But turns out we had plenty of time and were able to get different poses around the resort as well as on the beach. We already had our second set of clothing layed out for the trash the dress pics so that took a minimal amount of time to change and get back down to the beach.

    I got my pics back in about 3 weeks and there were over 300 shots and they turned out beautiful. As everyone else has said Stacey does wonderful work and she really cares about the people and the work she is doing for them. One day i will get around to posting my pictures. Hope this helps...

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    We booked 3 and it was perfect. I'm sure we could have done 2. It depends how fast you want to go! FYI.... Trash the dress was our favorite part. My dress is perfect ( got it cleaned ) and wore it again for @ home party. Have a blast

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    Thanks girls for your replies.

    I'm so confused now, not sure whether to go with 2 or 3 hours! Although 300 does sound like plenty of photos. I am also worried about getting over hot in my dress as it's not as lightweight as I hoped so I might have a bit of a red face after 3 hours! I just want to make sure that I have lots of beach photos in the nice dress and some lovely trash the dress shots...

    With regards to the trash the dress photos, I'm not sure about what other dress to go for.. I would love to do it in my nice dress but the reception party in the UK is 3 days after we get back and I think I'll worry as to whether it will come out like new after being dry cleaned - it's Tafetta.. any thoughts?

    Thanks again!

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    We booked Stacey for 2 hours and actually were done in under the 2 hours with about 600 pictures! That included trying to get our group of 25 in different shots(family photos, friend photos, bridesmaid/groomsmen photos, etc) plus plenty of pics by ourselves. By that time we were ready to be done and wanted to join the rest of our guests to celebrate and have some fun! We did do trash the dress which was awesome and definitely worth it. I had a tafetta dress and we dry cleaned it when we got home and it was perfect. I was able to wear it for our reception back home.

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