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    Default What is close to CTI?

    We will be at CTI the first week of June. We are interested in doing the zip line at Mystic Mountain and maybe doing the Appleton Rum tour. Are these places close to CTI? Is there anywhere else that you have been that is not too far that you loved doing?
    This is our first time doing an all inclusive. We really don't want to be away from the resort too much.
    Any help would be appreicated!!

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    Mystic Mountain is close, Appleton is not.

    How long is "too much" to be away?

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    Dunns Falls is close and included.

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    Thanks so much for your replies! We haven't decided how much is too much to be away from the resort. We just didn't want to have something to go to everyday.
    Looking forward to being there!

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