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    Default Water and soft drinks in CTI room

    My wife and I are planning a trip to CTI in August. It is my understanding that there is no frig/mini bar in the regular rooms. Is there any provision for water or soft drinks after the restaurants and bars are closed? We had a frig in our room at CSA on our last trip and found it very pleasant to have access to something to drink at any time.

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    The grill is open 11am to 6pm and then 10:30pm to 5am. As of August this year all rooms will have mini bars (as per Randymon's post today). I'm not sure when in August though. Don't worry, you won't go thirsty.

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    Housekeeping places a carafe full of ice and water in your room. Also when you get there, there will be two refillable water bottles in your room. You can fill these at various fountains throughout the resort including the soda fountain at the grill. The bartenders will fill them with water and ice.

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    How about alcohol in the rooms? We booked CSR, and based on availability at each of the resorts, I'm betting we'll end up at CTI. The only disappointing part about CTI, as compared to the other resorts, is that they don't have minibars. Can you get alcohol in your room, or no?

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    When in August are ya'll going to be at CTI? My husband and I will be there August 13-21. This will be our 5th trip to Couples (1 at CSS and 4 at CTI)

    Drew and Brandi (Texas)

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    you guys are in luck! Starting in August there will be a minibar in every room and all day room service. Enjoy!

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    We`re gonna be there the first week in August. It will be our second Couples adventure. The first was at CSA. We want to try them all.

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    As of 08/21/11 all rooms will have minibars and offer room service, per randymon's message. Also, no horseback riding after that time.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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