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    Default Ugh..what to do..

    So we decided to try a different Couples resort this year and booked last year for this Nov, but all of our friends are going to CN (where we always go)..we decided recently we really want to still hang out with our friends- and CSS can wait until we can make 2 trips a year..BUT..we will lose our resort credit and thus I am tempted to cancel altogether.. CN is home and I have lost the excitement to go to CSS..and the loss of the credit has me thinking saving the money this year isn't such a bad plan.. Am I crazy? (or crazier than I was yesterday)..

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    I am a little confused sounds like the credit is only good at CSS??? How much is it for? Don't cancel! Life goes by quickly and we must enjoy all opportunities that we can. Its ok to branch off, so to speak for one vaca. I have done the same thing in the past and kicked myself for not doing what I wanted to do.

    You are not crazy

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    I would go to CSS and make new friends! I think if you end up staying home you'll regret it. Live on the edge and try something new. :O)

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    Hi go to CSS and enjoy yourselfs. We did the same thing this year we are going to CSS for a week and then to CN for 12 nights. Our friends are going to CN the same week we will be at CSS. I am not going to cancel, we are looking forward to having the time alone. You will have plenty of trips to join your friends in the future. So go enjoy your credit and the time alone then next year book CN with your friends. Diane

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    newtnugget- $500 credit and since it would be like we cancelled- we would not get the great rate we got last year when we there is that....BUT we love the Bummergroup (LOL) that we hang out with..It has grown to about 12 couples who we only see that once a year..We may yet not cancel..but we will have to wait and see..klmurphy and Diane- I agree about going to CSS- but I am a shy soul and not good at meeting new people- and don't want to miss out another year..

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    You can always take a day trip up to CN to see if your friends if you can tear yourself away from CSS. The grounds are beautiful.

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    Go and have FUN Go with you and your husbands first thought, it is always the right one

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    I've heard that CSS is the most romantic...we're going to CN in 2 weeks for the first time, but I'd love to see CSS someday! I say...go and see it and have a romantic vaca with your husband! Life truly is too short and you may regret not going later!!! Afterward, you can decide which one you prefer, but it would be a great adventure!

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    Keep the trip, do the day trip(is it available between CN and CSS?)and then they can do a day trip themselves. That way you get your credit, your friends for 2 of the days and more importantly you still get your vacation. BTW we are a very shy couple as well and it took all of 2 days at sunset beach to make friends and have a great time.

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    Default Css

    Sans Souci is a beautiful resort. You absolutely will enjoy it.

    Cool Runnings

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    CSS is awesome and wonderful you will love it. You can meet new people and meet back up with your friends again next year. You will enjoy the freedom of being by yourselves and just hanging out with each other. My wife and I love going to couples and just hanging out by ourselves. Sure we meet some wonderful couples along the way, but every year we look forward to meeting new people not the same ones we met last time. We have lots of friends here in the US. This year is our fourth trip, each year we have gone to a different resort, and will probably continue to cycle through them, they are all wonderful in different ways!

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