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    Default Friday night Gala CSS

    Unfortunately, we don't land in Mo Bay until 5:00 PM on a Friday. Do you think we will still be able to get something to eat at the Gala? By the time we get to the resort it could be 8:00 or so.

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    Sure you will! We almost slept thru the entire gala one year and didn't make it until after 9 pm. We still had plenty of options. And don't forget, the grill opens at 11pm and you can eat again!

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    Shouldn't be a problem. The Gala doesn't really get going until around 8 PM. There's also an after party at SSB.

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    I do not agree. They start pre-seating everyone at 7pm and it's like a wedding reception. Staff will come to your table and tell you to go to the buffet, which BTY was nothing to get excited about. It had ordinary food, like jerk chicken and cheese and crackers. No seafood at all. And deviled eggs, kind of plain fare. No drink service whatsoever. You had to fend for yourself at the beach bar. Better off with the grill or room service.

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    The food we had at the Gala was wonderful and plentiful. We didn't think it was just plain fare. There was lots of seafood option. Perhaps you didn't realize that each tent had a different choice of foods.

    We also had drink service. A waiter came around and took orders all night long. I even asked for something they didn't have and he went and found it and brought it to me. I was impressed.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We completely agree with Coloradojuli!! The food at the Friday Night Gala at CSS was definitely NOT just plain fare! There was a wonderful choice of food, and oh, the desserts!! Yes, and waiters were around the tables throughout the entire dinner making sure that we had what we wanted to drink. It is a beautiful evening, and we're not sure why zaraforty found it otherwise. It is by far the best outdoor gala that we have seen at any resort.

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    Coloradojuli is dead right, the Gala is wonderful great food and deserts to die for. great entertainment.
    Really don't know where the "plain fare" comes from, the Chef and his staff work very very hard to give us an outstanding evening, and the ground staff work all day setting everything up.
    Had a drinks service at everyone of the 3 we have been to.
    It's not like a wedding reception, when the buffet opens everyone can just get up to get the food (at least it was the last time i was there)people go to the different stations so you don't have to queue very much.

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    There were multiple tents with food at the Gala, including one entire tent with seafood, including shrimp and crablegs. Another tent just had salads, another just had desserts. You can also get anything you want to drink, the waiters are super attentive during the gala. The beach party is a much smaller affair.

    If you do arrive too late to get something to eat at the gala, you can always order room service.

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