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    Default newbies to CTI - few questiond...

    We're newbies to CTI (coming in May), have previously been to CN, but wanted to try a different resort. A few questions:
    - do the activities "book up" - is there any difficulty booking the cat cruise, Dunn's river falls, etc? Is the island ever crowded or full? How often does the boat run to and from the island?
    - How long is the Dunn's river falls excersion? Worth it? What about for "50ish" people like us who may not want to climb up the falls?
    - I was reading good things about the horsebackriding, but then a comment that it might be discontinued in a few months. True? (help, Randymon!)
    - We'd like to do the Trading-Places with CSS. If we don't make it with the 10 couples they allow, could we just take a cab over there?
    Thanks - we appreciate all the help!

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    Hi, you will love CTI. The only question I can really answer is about the island. Yes,it can fill up as there is limited space so get out there early. The boat goes out there whenever someone is ready to go. You just go to the dock and stand in the designated spot and the boat will take you. Same when you want to come back, just go to the spot and stand. You will not wait long.

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    I think how quick things book up depends on how full the resort is when youíre there, and maybe to some extent the weather (when itís not beach weather people tend to do excursions). We were there over New Yearís so a very busy time. We were waitlisted for the cat cruise, but did end up getting on it. The horseback riding goes more often, so we had no trouble booking that. Dunnís and shopping you didnít even have to sign up for. We did have some trouble reserving restaurants and had to either accept a very late time or wait another day or two, but we tried them all. We actually loved the Verandah as well, so when we couldnít get a reservation we went there. It all worked out.
    My advice is to sign up for everything you want to do, and both Eight Rivers and Bayside as soon as you get there, and for as early in the trip as you can. This way if you find you love one of the restaurants in particular you have time to go back again. Also, the cat cruise can be cancelled due to poor weather, so donít leave it until the end.
    As for trading places with CSS, sign up right away for that too when you get there. We did a split with CSS so we didnít do the trading places, but we loved CSS as well as CTI, so you should check it out.
    The horseback riding is being discontinued in August, so absolutely do it while you can! Iím so glad we got to do it become they cancelled it. Itís a lot of fun.

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