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    Default AN on room Balcony

    Is it Ok to go AN on the balcony of your room and are there any beach front suites that are recommended for this purpose

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    Which resort are you asking about?
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    you would need to be on the top floor as the beach front balconies are really not that private, best are d e f and g blocks various rooms have really private balconies

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    Default AN Balcony

    Sorry folks I should have said CSS for resort.

    We requested a top floor suite so hopefully that is what we will get on arrival

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    We just returned from CSS and were on the first floor of D block. I think that had anybody been AN on the balcony's of the Beachfront rooms, we could have seen it. D block is a higher elevation than those on the beach, so keep that in mind!

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    Blocks A and B wouldn't be so good!

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    ddc surely you are not the kind of couples resort visitor that would know which balconies are good for AN. Hmm maybe you would.

    Mr. President

    P.S. ROCO

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    Mr. President (ROCO), I have no idea what you are talking about, we are speculating at best at would be the best block at CSS? (G block - hands down!- I am told).
    By the way when we went back to CTI this Feb. we made the Bhudda Pool happen - big, big time. Will send email on it - best time ever.
    D & D.

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    ddc, what do you mean made Bhudda Pool happen?lol. Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it. I've been told that on occasion things get a little wild there, but I wouldn't personally know anything about that.

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    ddc, I wouldn't know what you mean by "made the Bhudda Pool happen", but I do know from personal experience that it can be quite interesting . I look forward to the e-mail.

    Mr. President


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    Please do tell.What is the Bhudda pool and how wild does it get?We have been to css once before but have been going to braco for the last couple of we are debating about which resort, cti or css.

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    Ok, guys. I'm going to end this thread right now. The Bhudda Pool as you call it, located in the spa at CTI is off limits at night. Nudity is restricted to the Island and will not be tolerated anywhere else at Couples Tower Isle. We will be enforcing this policy so please be forewarned. Guests who do not respect our rules will be asked to leave.

    Couples Resorts

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