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    My husband and I will be spending our first full day at CSA on Easter. Will there be anything special going on? This will be our second trip to Jamaica, first time to Negril & Couples and we are both very much looking forward to this trip! Thanks!

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    We were at CSA on Easter last year and I don't recall anything special that they did. In Jamaica they celebrate Easter Monday with buns & cheese. Last year we left some chocolates and a card for housekeeping and the turn down lady on Easter Monday. I also entered in the bun eating contest at the pool next to the Palms (2nd Place! or....first loser!)
    Let me tell ya, those buns don't go down easy!! You get about halfway through it and it feels like you swallowed a hockey puck.

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    We were at CSA last Easter and they have several Easter themed activities, as well as church service. We participated in the Easter egg hunt for prizes and the Easter basket making.
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    Some off resort attractions may be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.
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    Hey Butterfly,

    Thanks for asking this question. My husband and I will be there for Easter as well and I was wondering the same thing. I really like the idea of brining something little for the turn down staff. It should be a great time. We will arrive three weeks from today!!!!! Can't wait!

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