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    Default 29/3/11- 5/4/11 from england

    Hi, will we be the only english there at this time ? if not let us know so that we can have a drink. we always drink with anyone else no matter what nationalities, that is the best bit about the holiday.

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    lol...I am sure you will find lots of people who will want to have a drink with you, regardless of their nationality! Hopefully you will be headed over to Sunset Beach!

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    Default Brit Here

    Hi a fellow Brit here will be at CSS March 28 - April 04, live in Canada but not lost the accent.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Just seen your post- been trying to ween myself off the msg board! Flying in from Manchester on the 27th and staying until the 10th so hope to see you around-2 large retired fifty somethings- first timers to Jamaica!

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    flying from gatwick, yes also retired, having a well deserved rest from the children and grand children. hope to meet up with you.

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    England is always well represented. We met a very nice couple from Yorkshire last Xmas and ended up having dinner and drinks with them.

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