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    My husband and I saw a picture of a private dinner set up in the treehouse massage hut. We will be there on our 30th wedding anniversary ( July 25 ) and we thought it would be very romantic to do that. Does anyone know anything about it or how you book it? I would assume you need to make the arrangements well in advance.

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    We also had our 30th anniv dinner in the tree house. It was great! You book it in the main lobby at the desk beside across from the main desk. If you want to make it truely special make a cd of your favorite songs and they will play it during dinner for you. Ask for the photographer to come up and take pics too. They will come to your room with glasses of wine and take you to the tree house. Really romantic!

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    We did the private dinner in the treehouse in February. If you don't have a special night in mind, you can reserve it when you arrive. We waited until we arrived and then went to guest relations and set it up. It was truly awesome!!

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    You have both convinced me!! It sounds awesome! I would like to have it on the night of our anniversary so I guess I need to make arrangements ahead of time. I have sent an e-mail to the romance concierge, but I haven't gotten a response yet.

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    WooHoo...with the new Romance Rewards that Randymon just announced, we can put our renewed love credit towards the dinner.

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    Does anyone know how much it costs to do a private dinner? I have e-mailed the romance concierge twice about it but haven't gotten a reply. I see that they offer romance packages, but can you get just the dinner?

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    The dinner is $170 and includes a special bottle of Couples wine.
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