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    Default Couples Question

    My husband and I are a retired couple in their 60s. We are looking for a resort with good food, good service, beautiful surroundings and a great beach. We like a quiet vacation, are not partyers and have no interest in "au naturel". Would we enjoy a Couples resort?

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    I think you would enjoy it very much. If AN makes you uncomfortable, I suggest CSA as it has everything you are looking for. CN does as well but has the AN beach.

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    I think you will absolutely love Couples Swept Away. We are a q couple in our early 50's and are headed back for visit number 5 next March! We absolutely love the quiet romantic atmosphere at CSA. You can be very social with the other guests if you want but also can just spend time enjoying eachother's company if that is what you want.

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    Yes, you would! My husband and I are in our 50's, have been going to Couples every year since 2004, you'll love it. Couples Negril is the place to go for the best beach, they have a small spot partioned off for the au natural but it's not obtrusive at all and the food is to die for. We have traveled other places, but we have found Couples to be the best value. If you have any questions, ask and I'll try to help. We just booked for this Dec., and thinking about booking for 2012 before the rate increases on Mar. 18th : )

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    Yes you whould like couples negril. Iam 62 and my wife is 57 and we just got back from a wounderful week.

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    yes, yes you would

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    Yes. You would love any of the resorts. CSA allows topless on the beach, but there is no nude beach. The others have a nude section, but if you don't go looking for it, you wouldn't know it's there.

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    Hi Barb;

    Sorry, but there is a danger of you being overwhelmed at Couples. The food isn't good, IT'S AMAZING! The service isn't good, IT'S OUTSTANDING! The beach is wonderful too!
    Perhaps the biggest draw to Couples is the people you will meet, both staff and guests. THEY will keep you coming back year after year!

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    Frankly, there are plenty of options for you in the Caribbean. You need to decide what kind of ambiance you are looking for in your vacation options. Fortunately, Couples offers four distinct resorts, each with its own character.

    I'd suggest you check each of them out on the main page to see if one of them calls out to you.

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    We are 52 and 62 and absolutely love Couples Negril.

    Couples Negril is a resort with fantastic food, unbeatable service, beautiful surroundings and the best beach in the world. We also like a quiet vacation and Couples Negril is what you make of it. If you don't want to party, go back to your room after the entertainment at the Cassava Terrace and don't go to the piano bar. We tend to keep to ourselves, and everyone, staff and guests respect that. The beach is huge...not elbow to elbow like some resorts.

    The nude area is all the way at one end and separated by a tall fence and hedge. If you just stay away from that end of the beach, you will never even know itís there.

    Just be prepared to return several times, because I can almost guarantee you will want to go back many times.
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    Default Couples Swept Away is for you

    My husband and I have been going to Jamaica for over 27 years and finally tried CSA last year. It absolutely the best......Fantastic food, exceptional services, the best of the best beach, great guests, it's quite, in fact my son and his new wife stayed at CSA upon our recommendation and what they liked the most was how quiet it was. You can be as involved and active as you want and as social as you want. We are heading back FOUR weeks from today....can't wait.

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    My wife and I were at CSS in October. I am 58 she is 55. First off dont worry about AN. No big deal. The AN area is a secluded side of the property. If you want to experience one of the most romantic places on this earth, I would suggest Sans Souci. It is like being in a botanic gardens. It is area wise, the largest of the Couples resorts. It also has the least number of suites. So even if the resort is at full capacity, you will have little problem in finding total privacy. The service and the food are out of this world. I wanted to bring all of the staff home with me. The only thing that might be a problem with selecting Sans Souci would be if you have mobility problems. There are lots of steps. But in walking those steps you will see some of the most beautiful natural landscaping in Jamaica.
    I can not say enough great things about Sans Souci

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    We're not into the 'au natural' thing either, and we chose Couples Negril, even though they have an 'au natural' section. From what I gather, this section is very secluded, and most don't even know it's there, unless they go looking for it.

    From what I've read, the AN sections are very private on all their resorts. CSA does not have an AN section.

    Honestly, I couldn't be happier we went with the Couples chain in general. I think they have something for everyone. We have had such bad travel luck in the past, but I am able to rest knowing that we will have a wonderful vacation!

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    Default Evening all

    K question TIPPING or NOT? We are going March19/2010?? Please advise. Also do you tip at drivers at airport who pick us up?

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    Shuttle drivers and red caps... yes... once you're on resort... no.

    Exceptions... spa staff; catamaran cruise contractor; off-campus tour operators.

    Hope that helps...

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    We have been to three of the four and are trying Negril in 7 weeks. Of the three, the most beautiful and quieter of the three is San Souci aka CSS. All the au natural parts of the facilities are partioned off and not something that is, pardon the pun, flashed in your face. At Swept Away aka CSA it is neat to go see the waterfall at the sunset bar & grill which is part of the au natural, but becomes a clothed spot I think around 5pm for all to see. At CTI the have the island so you wont see unless you take the boat there and you have to go au natural then.

    I would tell you at CSA it is part of 7mile beach, so there is always something going on at the beach and the pedalers which could be bothersome for the other folks. Remember though if you have seem bothered by pedalers, there is always security to come to your rescue by raising your hand.

    All in all you will love all the facilities and the food, but the staffs are what makes couples the best by far. You found the right site and the right company to book.
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    Couples Swept Away

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    The drivers at the airport are not Couple's employees, so yes you can tip them at your descretions. However, tipping of Couples employees is not allowed. The only tipping on the resort is at the Spa, and again, that is at your own descretions. That is one of the things that is really great on the resort. Everyone gets treated the same regardless, and no one has their hand out for a tip. We had an exceptional waitress one evening at Pallazina the next evening she even came over to say high. Before I left I asked her to write down her name so I could add it on the check out survey. She was delighted. This is how they get their "tips". My understanding (if I am correct in what I have read over the last few years) they have a program where they are rewarded for their name being mentioned for exceptional service on the checkout sheet. Just be sure to mention them there, and all will be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnite View Post
    K question TIPPING or NOT? We are going March19/2010?? Please advise. Also do you tip at drivers at airport who pick us up?
    You only tip the drivers to and from the airport and the baggage handlers as they are not Couples employees. You will also the the spa staff as they too are not employees of Couples.

    You DO NOT tip the staff at Couples (bartenders, waitstaff, entertainment staff, housekeeping staff, etc.). They can lose there jobs for receiving tips from guests.

    If you really want to help them out, simply write something about them on your guest comment card and hand it in upon checkout. Couples uses this information when deciding raises and promotions.

    You may also leave small gifts for staff with a note explaining that this is for them for there outstanding service. Some gifts I have heard of people leaving are things like candy, chocolate (very expensive in Jamaica), school supplies, makeup, perfumes, etc.) Simple do a search on this forum for "gifts for staff" and I'm sure you will see lots of examples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midnite View Post
    K question TIPPING or NOT? We are going March19/2010?? Please advise. Also do you tip at drivers at airport who pick us up?
    Lots of posts on this. Here is one:

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    We turn 65 this year and have enjoyed each of the four resorts. We head back to CSS this December. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    tip the drivers and the people who carry your bags to the bus. don't tip anyone who is a couples employee. you can get them fired

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    . . . . At Swept Away aka CSA it is neat to go see the waterfall at the sunset bar & grill which is part of the au natural, but becomes a clothed spot I think around 5pm for all to see. . . .
    You've confused Couples Swept Away with Couples Sans Souci. CSA has NO au naturel area. Sunset beach is at CSS.
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    We stayed at CSA last year and had the time of our lives. We're 51 and 56. The food, service, beach, staff, scenery, all was outstanding. We're going back to CSA again next month.

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