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    Default swimwear at CN

    Do any men wear thong swimsuits? And are there any women wearing see through swimsuits and/or thongs?

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    We have been to CN many, many times. We have never seen a man wearing a thong, but have seen a few women in thongs.

    There are folks who will make a big deal out of this both on this board and on the beach, but you can wear whatever you want on the beach and women may be top free as well.


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    The only male we saw wearing a thong bathing suit was a gentleman on the beach who had enjoyed a few cocktails and proceeded to put on his wife's bathing suit bottom. It was actually quite amusing to all of us in the vicinity.

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    I haven't seen men in thongs, but I have seen women in thongs. I also haven't seen any see-through suits, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear one.
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    I have seen a few men in thongs at the RIU resorts during walks on the beach,not many. My wife wears a thong and is basically topless 90% of the time during the day, I do not wear a thong myself but what ever you are comfortable with is what you should wear, sure we know people look and comment about my wife's beach wear but we basically ignore it and go about our merry way. Its funny though the same ones you see pointing or commenting are the ones who try and sneak a photo!! LOL

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    Do what you want, it's your vacation- as long as it isn't harmful to anyone.

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    I have seen a man wearing a thong at CSA last winter. He had a different colored thong for every day of the week...and his wife was topless with a different colored thong that matched his also ;0. so don't worry do as you please.

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    There were two guys in thongs at CN last year and nobody seemed to care.
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    thongs and see through swimwear... hmmm... why not just spend your time on the AN beach? Just a thought...

    Unless you're looking to draw attention to yourself. Thongs and see through swimwear on the textile beach will certainly get a lot more attention than being AN on the AN beach.


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    If your a man and want to wear a thong, please please do some grooming!

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    I just got back yesterday and not only was there a guy there all week wearing either a spaghetti string black or white thong around the beach and pool bar, but he also wore while doing an arobics class with about 6 women. I got to say, I could have gone without seeing any of that. Got a lot of comments around the pool bar on Friday afternoon. Can't wait until next year.

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