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    Default Help! CSS or CSA

    My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary this July and I have been looking between CSS and CSA. We like to lay on the beach, want to snorkle, and want to face the ocean or beach in our room. I am driving myself crazy trying to decide between the 2 resorts. We have never been to an all inclusive before. Can anyone offer any advice for which resort we should go to? Thanks!

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    Default CSS (biased)

    We have not been to CSA (have been to CN), but last week was our 3rd trip to CSS. We will never go anywhere else in Jamaica. To put it in perspective, there were over 50 couples at the repeaters dinner on Thursday. That's almost 1/3 of the resort rooms. That tells me that CSS is doing something right.
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    We have been to Jamaica about (12) times, Mostly to Negril but we have stayed in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios more than once.

    We have been to CN (3) times and CSS (1) time. Staying at CSA in November 2011.

    Negril has the better beaches for long walks. We really liked CN but wanted to try different places. Very nice resort, rooms are ok, slanted towards the beach. Really love the Bloody Bay area because the beaches were long w/o many peeps walking by. Small a/n section, great pool. Liked the food selections better.

    CSS is very nice, rooms are nicer than CN, a/n area is awesome. They have room service which is very nice. We stayed in A-Block which is convenient to everything.

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    We stayed at CSA last year and going back again this year.. We haven't been to CSS so I can't comment on it. For what you want to do, CSA is perfect! You won't regret either choice I'm sure but we had an absolutely wonderful time at CSA and I highly recommend it. Our room was on the beach facing the ocean. The whole experience was fantastic! It being an all inclusive was great! It is so nice spending the week there and not having to worry about how much a dinner or a drink would cost. The staff is very friendly. I could type all day talking about how wonderful it was. One way for you to find out c'mon down.

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    We just booked CSA for July. I read all about the Atrium suites and loved the hammock so decided to stay in one and then use the savings over a beachfront suite to stay another night. Thanks for the replies I appreciate it. I can't wait until July!

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    For the romance of a 20th anniversary and the best in your face ocean view besides Tower Island - CSS all the way hands down NO CONTEST! That is unless you want to fork for a CSA beachfront suite to be on seven mile beach and I still say CSS is the MOST romantic Couples with the best rooms!
    Shari & James
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    when in july are you going? we have a OFV booked in CSA for our 25th anniversary. We will be there 7/22 - 7/29/11. Congrats on the 20 years.

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    Of course it's CSS...Couples Sans Souci
    Having stayed at CN,CTI and CSS and done two trading places day to CSA,there is no doubt in my mind that CSS is head over heels above CSA.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souc..Where everyone is somebody and your every dream comes true.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    Congratulations on your upcoming 20th anniversary. If you want a place to snorkel and lay on the beach with an ocean view from your room then CSS is the place to go. All rooms at CSS are suites and face the ocean or beach. Some of the rooms at CSA do not (i.e. Garden Suite). You'll also have beautiful sunsets at SSB to look forward to at CSS although the sunsets at CSA are spectacular also.

    Either way you can't go wrong. Our your homework and see which resort has what you want. Only you can choose the right resort.

    Bart & Bug

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    We were married at CSS and have been there 3 times. Went to CSA last year for our anniversary and going back this year. CSS is a little more polished but hilly with lots of steps and a small man made beach. CSA is flat, more laid back, and located on probably the nicest natural beach in Jamaica. If you like walks on the beach then this is for you. CSS has better pools if you are a pool person, which I am not. The snorkeling is far better at CSA as the reef is very active.

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    Have been to CSS twice and to CSA about 5 times.
    CSS has a smaller beach, CSA is on 7 Mile Beach. CSS beach is private whereas you will have vendors and people from other resorts walking by at CSS.
    So do you want to take long walks on the beach or do you prefer something smaller? Do you enjoy seeing the vendors or do you consider them a nuisance?
    CSS has Sunset Beach for nude sunbathing, CSA no nude beach.
    Do you want to try nude sunbathing?
    CSS is on several levels-Lot os nooks and crannies. CSA is all one level but resturants are at either end of the resort.
    Are stairs going to be a problem for you?
    Excellent staff and excellent food at both but CSS does have all day room Service.
    Is room service important to you?
    Evening entertainment is rather blah at CSS. They have showtime but it is not one of the better ones. CSA has showtime, Piano Bar with the great Ultimate, a casino and disco for late night dance.
    How important is the nightlife for you?
    CSA has the pretty much the same room for all categories, nothing fancy but big verandahs. Price at CSA is more determined by location than room amenities. CSS has much fancier rooms, suites with bedrooms and bath. CSA only Beachfront rooms have full views of the water. CSS more rooms have views.
    What are you looking for in a room?
    Both resorts have a swim up bar. CSA also has the lap pool across the street at the Sport Complex and a smaller pool by the Palms. CSS has a mineral pool as well as a main pool and a small pool by Cassanova resturant, although not sure you can swim there.
    Both resorts are probably comparable for activities.
    Spa services at both are great. CSS has open air huts over the water and the ambiance is incredible. CSA has a great pool and is indoors airconditioned.
    There is no better or best resort. There is onl what fit best into what you are looking for.
    We love CSS for Sunset beach. This is the main draw for us for CSS. It is beautiful but we spend the day at Sunset Beach.
    CSA we love for the long beach. We love seeing the vendors and people watching. We also love Ultimate at the piano bar.
    CSA is home for us but since there is no nude beach we will probably take turns beatween the two resorts from here on out.
    Good luck, Happy Anniversary and let us know what you decide!

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