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    Default Red Bull at CSA?

    My husband loves to have hois morning Red Bull. Is there anywhere at CSA to get them or should we bring our own?

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    CSA's sports bar across the road.

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    CSA has a sports bar across the street?
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    Awesome! Included or extra cost?

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    It is part of the resort it just happens to be located across the road...go to the CSA web page for more info

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    Quote Originally Posted by saint View Post
    CSA has a sports bar across the street?
    They have an incredibly facility across the street with clay courts for tennis, massages, lap pool, workout facility, etc.

    As for the bar they have vitamin waters, red bull, etc. but you can make some great drinks with ginger, carrots, fruits, etc. that are great too!
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    Yes, the finest Tennis Complex in the Caribbean is on SweptAway property, and is located across the street. In addition to a number of clay courts, this facility also includes their wonderful spa, a sports bar, racquetball & squash courts, an olympic lap pool, basketball courts, workout area, aerobic exercise area, free-weight room... you name it!

    Besides the Red Bull, they serve incredible smoothies!... and oh... its in there...

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    I asked the beach bar guy for Red Bull and vodka, but he said he didn't have any. Then about a half hour later, he showed back up to the beach bar, called me over and showed me a little stash he brought over just for me. SERVICE!

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    Default redbull

    The redbull is included!! My wife went there everyday to get a couple.

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    free!I had one every morning while i was there last year. I haven't seen it anywhere but CSA so your lucky!

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