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    Default CSA to CN for a day or two?

    Hello Couples People....

    We are renewing our vows at CSA in January 2012, staying for 10 days in an atrium suite. The ONLY thing we wish CSA had that they don't is an AN area. How would it work if we wanted to spend a couple of days (or at least an afternoon) at the Couples Negril to take advantage of the AN area? Is Couples Negril more of a "lifestyle" spot or just a great place to go to let it all hang out?

    Thanks in advance..... R/J

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    CN is not a "lifestyle" spot. It's just a normal Couples resort that happens to have an AN beach.

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    If you sign up for the Romance Rewards, you can do the Trading Places to go over to CN and use the AN facilities. They run a shuttle 3 days a week. I think it's M, W, & F and they run from 9-4(?). However, as stated, the AN section of CN or even CSS or CTI for that matter is not a "lifestlyer" beach. It is strictly AN beach or a place to sun in the nude and have a few drinks. Yes, you are allowed to socialize, but anything that should be done in your room, goes to the room.

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    Sign up Romance Rewards and you can do a Trading Places day for free. You're shuttled to CN around 10:00am and head back to CSA around 4:00pm. Perfect for a day of AN sunning.

    And CN is definitely NOT a lifestyle kind of resort.


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    None of the Couples resorts are "lifestyle" resorts. They are all made for couples in love.

    If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you can go over to CN for one day during your stay. If you want to go over again, you can purchase a day pass. (I don't remember the cost.) Otherwise, you could split your stay and stay at CN for 3 days (minimum stay).
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    You can do Trading Spaces and go for the day over to CN. As long as they have availability on the bus, you can probably go 2+ days. Make sure you sign up for Romance Rewards before you go if you want to take advantage of Trading Spaces. You are going to love CSA and now you know you can go check out CN and get naked.

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    Thanks everyone! I guess I should have been more clear on our intentions. We want to check out the AN beach and let it all hang out, but we aren't looking for a lifestyle experience. Maybe in our younger days, but if we wanted that, we would have booked Hedo

    Thanks for the advice!

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