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    Default questions about snorkle and scuba

    hello, i am wanting to do the snorkle and scuba but the fiancee is not really up to it . my question is , could she go and just stay on the boat ..couples negril

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    My hubby stayed on the beach while I went snorkeling. My friend and I spent time on the beach while my hubby went golfing and hers went diving. It is Couples and you do want to be with your S/O however, it's a vacation. If she doesn't want to go out, she can sit at the pool or beach or maybe even schedule a spa service. That being said, when I went snorkeling, there was someone that stayed on the boat. I guess the only issue would be there is limited space and if she doesn't want to snorkel, this may prohibit someone else from going out as the boats are usually full. The day I went on my own, another guy was on the boat while his wife stayed ashore.

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    When we went to CSA last year and if you weren't diving, you couldn't go on the boat. My husband was working on his open water certification and I stayed on the beach while he went diving. This year after a successful surgery, I will be joining him.

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    Default non-participant?

    I believe that your fiancee could accompany you on the boat that takes you out snorkeling. She wouldn't have to get into the water; however, regarding scuba diving, I don't believe she will be permitted on the boat unless she is qualified to dive.
    As a suggestion, you two could take advantage of the glass bottom boat tour together where neither one has to get in the water. They actually use the same boat for both snorkeling & sightseeing(above water).

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    They usually do not allow this as the boat is full with snorkelers. Check when you start to head out and if there is room they might let her go.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Well, one year I was sick and couldn't go diving but the dive team let me go for a ride anyway. It would depend on how many people are on the dive boat. Your wife should really think about going for the free resort course and at least trying the scuba diving. We got certified on vacation after we did the resort course. Afterwards my husband said 'want to get certified?' we did. The team at CN is terrific! They take great care in making you feel completely at ease before going out in the ocean the first time. We only dive on vacation, maybe once or twice a year, and I am nervous on the first dive of each trip. As soon as I enter the water and see a fish...any fish...I am totally at ease again. The staff are outstanding and we highly recommend anyone's first diving experience be with them.

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    thanks everyone . we went to CSA last year but was so busy doing everything else that we did not snorkle or scuba but this year we are going to CN and i will be doing both i just dont want to leave her out and her biggest fear is sharks and think she will get eaten to 2 foot of water lol so i dont think she will be making the underwater trips

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    If you want her to join you the best thing you can do is provide her with information to calm her fears. There are no sharks in Jamaica that will "eat" her like what you will find off the southern coast of the US. Do a google search on sharks in Jamaica or anything similar and you'll get lots of info. Reliable info should help put her fears to rest, who wants to spend their vacation watching for fins in the water?

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    Brian: Not so funny about your wife's fear of sharks when a Ontario women was attacked in January in Cancun while she was in about 2-3 ft of water rinsing the sand off of her legs. I won't go into the gory details but she lost a leg. So sad but it happens.

    But never in Jamaica, right?

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    actually i have friends that live in kingston jamaica and he told me the other day that there was an attack in negril the other day but he said it was the first time he had ever heard about an attack there so it was all over the news but God has a plan already so if its ment to get shark bit then it will happen no matter where you are , the bath tub, fresh water or salt water dont matter its all already planned for you

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    The shark people have most commonly seen around Negril is the nurse shark, they see it when diving. Here is a link to some reliable info...note that it says they are docile but will attack IF PROVOKED. Perhaps the shark attack incident brian_tn noted above was a diver that provoked one? With no information it's unfortunate that such a story gets publicity...Jamaica hasn't had a fatal shark attack in over 100 years and the likelihood that the above incident was the typical attack like we hear of in the US around our southern coast is really unlikely. Your girlfriend could have a car accident on the way to work tomorrow but I bet she'll get in and drive without a second thought, your plane could crash on the way to Jamaica but I bet neither of you give that much thought either, you could be struck by lightening but I'm guessing you don't worry about that one. Do a little research, knowledge is always good, and if you do I bet once you get to Jamaica I bet neither of you will give sharks a second thought unless it's to be amazed when you see one diving.

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