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    Default Fall in Love Again Special

    Hi all..

    We've been to CSA once before and are looking to book another couples vacation shortly.. but it seems to me that the 50 percent off special is now pretty much year round? Is that correct? Before if memory serves it started in March or April.. has the economy forced them to just pretty much keep it going 365 days a year now?

    In other words, is there a hurry to book or will the special be up for the rest of the year..


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    Fall in Love 2010 ends August 21, 2009. Will they extend it???? Will they offer a better rate????? Only time will tell what the rates in the future will be.

    What you can do is book today direct with Couples and if something comes up better, just give them a call and change your booking.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes...Jon1963 gives good advice! You can change your booking with no penalties (through Couples anyway) as long as you are not within 45 days of your reservation.

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