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    Default Couples Lounge at Mo Bay Airport

    Hi All

    Very excited to visit CSA in May ... this board has been so helpful I just have a few questions about the Couples lounge at the airport.

    1 - Do they only serve red stripe? I read that in every one mentions rum puch or soda. This non-beer drinker is just curious!

    2 - Is there any set schedule for shuttles leaving from airport? Like "on the hour"? Or do they just wait until filled?


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    I was served Pepsi a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if there is a set schedule or not, but our van/bus was full when we left. The Lounge was pretty busy at that time also.

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    I don't like beer either and I just get bottled water. I have never been the one to go to the bar because I like to change my clothes in the bathroom right when we get there so I don't know for sure but I have never seen anyone with anything but beer or water. I know it is not a full bar or anything even close. You usually aren't there for very long though.

    They know how many people are coming on which flights so they have their own schedule and plan based on the arrivals that day. They tell you which shuttle to get on so they know where everyone is and how many are on each one. They leave pretty often but not exactly on the hour or anything.

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    Not 100% sure on the beer besides Red Stripe

    The Van/Bus's depart as filled to each town. ( Negril and Ocho Rios) Never waited as much as 10 minutes Usually just enough time to use the facilities and have a quick drink

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    Only redstripe.

    Dont think they have set times, but as soon as we got to the lounge, we left within the half hour.
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    I cannot answer the Red Stripe question because I love Red Stripe. Anyway, you will not be in the lounge long enough to drink much. We have been there six times and our wait has only been a few minutes each time. They do not have to fill up a shuttle for it to leave. I am always amazed at how fast we get out of that airport! Yeah- on to Couples!

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    Other than Red Stripe I know they have bottles of water. There is no set schedule for the shuttle to the hotel. The policy is that you do not wait more than 25 minutes in the lounge. Then they take you to the bus.

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    Friends of ours got soda in the lounge...Pepsi. Neither Pepsi or Coke will taste like you expect so it doesn't matter, grab your free beverage and begin to embrace a new culture.

    As far as whether they wait for the shuttles to be "full" it's not quite about being full it's about waiting for people arriving at times near you. Couples has the flight schedules for all guests and they know when guests land and what resort they are going to, if guests are arriving on flights within a short time of each other they will wait rather than send two shuttles ten minutes apart. But if the shuttle only has two couples on it they will leave if no one else will be arriving for a while. As was mentioned above they shuttles leave pretty regularly, most people will say they have time to use the restroom, grab a drink and then they are on their way.

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    Only Red Stripe,water and soda.I believe there is some restriction with the airport on what may be served.I am not a beer drinker but I have my one and only to celebrate my arrival in Jamaica. It tastes pretty good considering the blast of heat that greets you if coming from northern climates in the winter. As far as the shuttle we have never waited more than fifteen minutes, They are very organized. Enjoy.

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    I have been known to serve a few from behind the bar there when they were busy, so I know they have both red stripe and red stripe light along with bottles of water. Longest wait we have had has been 15 minutes. There are so many flights coming in they try to put a few couples together to make a full trip to the resorts. Stops are made at CSS first and then CTI a few minutes down the road on the Ocho trip. I think you stop at CSA first and the CN a few minutes later.
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    I'm not a beer drinker either, and I had a Ting. It's a lemon/lime pop. Very refreshing!

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    2. We were handed 2 red stripes, and 10 seconds later they said, you ready now or you wanna wait a half hour? We said pour us 2 more and we'll go now. They led us out to a brand new van that we were allowed to drink in, and there were no other guests. Just us and the driver.

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    In addition to Red Stripe on tap, they have water, Pepsi, and Ting (a really refreshing, grapefruit flavored soda).

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    Do the shuttles stop at any other resorts or only Couples?

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    I always get a Pepsi at the Couples Lounge.

    You need to be sure they know when your flight arrives. This is one good reason for doing the pre-checkin even if not returning guests. You must sign up for romance rewards in order to pre-checkin. If you booked your flight through the Couples website, you are fine. We book our flights seperate, so our travel agent makes sure they know when our flight arrives. Then, they will have your trasnportation ready when you get there. There is no set schedule for the busses.
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    Yes, they also have Pepsi. I am not usually a beer drinker either, so the first time we came I got a Pepsi.

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    This is where I was introduced to TING! It is a grapefruit soda that I could not get enough of! The guys had beer and my other girldfriend had diet pop =) They stop fpr more beer half way through the trip if you want it. I personally wasn't in a hurry to drink yet, but at the resort they greet you with a cold glass of bubbly! =)

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    We had enough time for 2 red stripes each before our shuttle to Negril. We stopped halfway at a little store to use the bathroom and get another drink. They have different stuff there.

    If I remember correctly there is Margaritaville right by the resort lounges where you can buy a drink other than beer.

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    I think you may want to drink that day. The drivers will take you for a RIDE, to say the least!!

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    there's a full service bar just outside the terminal if you need something that isn't offered at the lounge

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. We've done Sandals in Jamaica and it seemed that you go as they fill buses. Sounds like thats Couples stategy as well.

    Some of you mentioned how they "know when you are arriving" ... we booked air seperate, guess I should ask my TA about that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rachlm927 View Post
    Some of you mentioned how they "know when you are arriving" ... we booked air seperate, guess I should ask my TA about that.

    If you sign up for Romance Rewards (which you should do), then you can use the Pre-Check In form to provide them with your flight info. That way they know when you are arriving.
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    photochick - they only stop at Couples resorts
    that being said, if you're headed for CTI or CSS, they'll stop at CSS first (if you have someone on your van going there) and if you're headed to Negril, they stop at CN first then CSW

    it's not a long stop either, they pretty much drop off the guests and then head out again, but you're only 5 or 10 min from the next resort anyway

    have fun!

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    Photochick5, they only stop at Couples resorts.

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