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    Default Churches in Negril

    Has anyone been to church in Negril? I found one on the internet. It's Palm Grove Church of God. We are members of a Church of God here in the States and would love to attend one while we're in Negril. It doesn't have to be a Church of God though, just a Christian church near CSA would do. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, if you know the service times and how we would go about getting to the church and back to CSA I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    Kristy :O)

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    We attended the Catholic church in Negril. Couples provided the transportation.

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    We have been attendees (6 times now over 3 visits) at the catholic church in Negril - Mary Gate of Heaven. It has always been a 10 am Sunday Mass, but check out the website for times etc at Father Jim is a Franciscan from Cincinnati.

    This church runs the soup kitchen in Negril -

    We found it really warm and welcoming: nothing but a joy to visit. CSA's reception guys set up a taxi for us and the ride each way is only about 5 minutes.

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    Couples Negril has a "Church Shuttle" on the activities list that leaves from the lobby at 9:15 am on Sundays. I don't know where it goes.
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    Travelpatty- Just curious- How was the Catholic church service? What was the difference in the U.S.service and there?

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    Although I wouldn't really mind going to a Catholic church, since I'm not Catholic, I would hate for them to think I'm just there to be a tourist instead of real worship. My brother and his wife are Catholic, and we've been with them to mass a couple of times, but I'm pretty lost as to when to kneel, when to stand, what to say, etc......... I'm not sure I would want to do it in Jamaica as I wouldn't want to offend anyone or them think I was there to be intrusive. I'd be more comfortable at a Church of God, Assembly of God, Baptist church, anything along those lines. :O) If you guys know of any of these I would love to hear about them. We're staying at CSA. Thanks so much for the information you've already provided.

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    Hi Jimnmariann,
    The Mass was just like it is in the US only with much more singing. It lasted about an hour. The priest and parishoners were so friendly and welcoming; a great experience. Catholic or not, you will be most welcome.
    Hope this helps.

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