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    We have heard that Bubbles has a bad tummy ach . Can anyone fill me in on the old girl.

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    Who is Bubbles. Been to CN 4 times and have never heard of Bubbles.
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    Bubbles is the dive boat!
    Doug - I didn't know anything was wrong with her, she worked fine over Christmas.

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    Default Bubbles

    We were at CN up until a week ago.
    Bubbles started out giving a good, smooth ride but became knackered towards the end of our trip - she had started smoking.
    Hopefully she will be fully functional soon and purring like a kitten.
    Ian and VAnda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Who is Bubbles. Been to CN 4 times and have never heard of Bubbles.
    We've been there twice and are heading there in a few weeks...I'm curious who Bubbles is too.

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    dive boat

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    Bubbles, the CN dive boat, was fine a several weeks ago.

    I'm not sure if the "tummy ache" refers to the damage the boat sustained from tropical storm Nicole, but that was repaired several months ago.

    If you mean something more recent, they were using it as recently as Feb 7.

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    Maybe Mike needs to go to CN and help fix her! and I can go to "supervise". LOL

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