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    Default CSA This Saturday!!! -Couple Questions


    So we are headed to CSA this Saturday and we are truly excited!!! It will be our first time at Couples and have read all the great things about it!!! We will arrive at 7:55pm and assume we will arrive at CSA around 9:30ish...will we be able to get dinner upon arriving??? Also, it is my boyfriends birthday while we are down there...will I be able to get a cake for him or plan something for him??? Thanks in advance for the advice Any other hints or comments are appreciated!
    Really looking forward to our tip!!!

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    Well, you ARE showing up a bit late. I'd suggest you get over to The Palms and meet your luggage in your room. Saturday is lobster night, and you might not want to miss that while you take in the floor show!

    If you do get in too late, wander down to the other end of the resort to the Cabana Grill. Pretty decent fare for "fast food". Another option while you're there... Patois Patio... great pizza!

    As for cake... talk to your waiter... he or she will set you up!

    Enjoy your stay!

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    I haven't been, so I can't answer but am curious to what people say. I've been assuming it would be more like 2 1/2-3 hours from the time we land to the time we get to the resort - an hour for customs and at least an 1 1/2 from the lounge until we get to CSA. Is that an over estimate?

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    Even if the Palms and Patois Patio are closed by the time you arrive at CSA, you can get a good, casual dinner at the Cabana Grill. If you land at 7:55, my guess is that you will get to CSA more like 10-10:30pm by the time you get your bags and clear customs. The van drivers also sometimes give you the option of taking a bathroom break along the ride at a place that also sells drinks and jerk chicken.

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    Not sure about the cake, although I think I've read that other people have done it. I'm not sure how much it costs though. Patois is open until 10pm, and I love their food, but I'm not sure you would have time to make it after check in. You can eat at the Cabana Grill though once you're all settled. It is open all night. They serve things such as Hamburgers, Nachos, Jerk Chicken, French Fries, etc...... :O)

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    You will more likely arrive at about 10-10:30. There is customs, immigration then the transfer. You can check restaurant opening times online. The grill is open late so you at least will be able to get something to eat there.

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    Newbies-if your flight doesn't arrive in MoBay until 7:55, in all reality, you will not get to CSA until 10:30. Figure 15 minutes to deplane and get to customs/immigration. There shouldn't be a line that time of night, but still it takes a 15-30 minutes, including getting your luggage. Then you may have to wait a few minutes at the Couples lounge for your transport. Then it's a 1 1/2 hour ride to CSA. Just wanted to point this out so that you won't be disappointed.

    But, yes, you will be able to get dinner. The Cabana Grill is open until 5:00 a.m. They have the best snapper sandwiches, meat patties, jerk chicken, onion rings, etc.

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    Thanks evryone for the replies! True, didn't account for everthing, I am kinda bummed about missing the lobster night! But the Cabana Grill sounds great! 3 more sleeps!!!

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    Lobster night is great, but honestly you won't be missing the highlight of your trip if you get in a bit late. There is just so much that is wonderful about CSA!!

    About the birthday'll find that they really don't have the traditional US style of b'day cake, but I KNOW that if you pull your waiter aside (or let the hostess know), you'll get a great b'day dessert treat! My bf told the Feathers team that we were celebrating my b'day and they presented me with a fantastic dessert with a candle and Happy B'day with my name written in chocolate icing on the plate. It was really pretty and special and very tasty!! Long story short, Couples is made for special occasions and romance, so I'm confident that your wish will be their command.

    Enjoy your vacation!!!!

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