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    Default whoo whoo!! cant wait! tell me!!

    ok! i see there are fun things to do while at the resort. im usally the time to do my own thing but i dont want to regret and wish i had joined in. what things are a must to try out? i saw they have tye dye, hat weaving, but what do you suggest to join in with? whooo whooo!!!

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    If you try to bring back a hat you made, hide it in your luggage and don't claim it. If it is the slightest bit green, airport security will take it away from you.
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    Just returned from CSA...we took part in the tye dye class, basket weaving(actually looks like a basket that I purchased instead of being made by my own hands!), Jamaican history class, Jamaican cooking class, Margaritamixology class...all were very casual & good and most took place around the main pool deck area. One can be as "busy" as you want to be or simply do nothing at all. That's another reason that I LOVE Couples Resorts!

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