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    Default Pre-check in

    I did the pre-checkin for this saturday. Will I recieve a conformation? Randymon, do you have the answer?

    Thanks in advance,
    One Love,

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    Default conformation is sent.
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    I've done the pre-check in online many times and never get a confirmation. I print out the page before I send it and then bring a copy with me. But even that's not necessary because we haven't had a problem receiving our items.

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    At this time pre-check-in isn't "mandatory" to qualify for your rewards, on the new program it is...starting in April. Randy replied to a post on another thread recently that they are working on a confirmation reply.

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    On the posting about the new implementation of the Romance Rewards program, Randymon indicated his agreement that something should be worked out to provide a confirmation of pre- checkin. This becomes an issue because the pre-checkin is what assures you that you receive any "perks" that you might be eligible for.

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    We used it last year with no confirmation and they were ready for us on arrival. I think I did the pre-checkin about two weeks before we arrived.

    I am confident that the system will work again this year.

    What else ya' gonna do?

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    Thanks guys,
    I was looking at the paerwork from last year, I saw the Rewards paper work, I assumed it was sent as a conformation. Now, after talking to you, I relized I just printed it out for my own records.
    Thanks again
    One Love,

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    Always do pre check in and have never rec'd a confirmation. On arrival all is waiting with no problem. No worries. Enjoy your vacation.

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