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    Default August 2011 ROLL CALL!

    Names: Chris, Heather

    Ages: 33,31

    How many times to CSA: This is the first

    Trip dates: Aug 17th to the 24th

    Room type: Beachfront Verandah Suite

    Reason for trip: 10th Anniversary

    Where you from: Kansas City, MO

    What you're looking forward to most: A week away from the kids with no worries.

    Will you go A/N during your trip? Not unless I can't handle my liquor.

    Drink you're looking forward to: I am hoping they have Woodford Reserve or Makers Mark at least. But I am willing to try some other beach drinks!?!

    Kids: 2

    Pets: Big Yellow Labrador

    Level of excitement (1 - 10): Is this really a question?

    Add a photo if you like:
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