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    Default Would like to return to Couples

    We are planning a trip and would like to return to one of the Couples resorts. We have been to CSA and would maybe like to try one of the other couples resorts. Have been looking at CTI and CSS. We would just like some insight if that is a good idea or not. Would like to know the opinion of somebody that has been to these resorts.

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    My question back to you is why is it NOT a "good idea"? For every person this answer will be different. There are people that have been to each resort multiple times and love them all. For me, I'm a CSA fan and don't really have a desire to visit any of the others. Do you really want strangers answering such a question for you with no information about what you are looking for in a vacation? All the resorts offer the same great customer service, the same outstanding food, a romatic atmosphere, etc. But each resort is as different as if it were not part of the same chain. If you are looking to see more of the island or just to experience a different resort, go for it. If you have specific ideas about your vacation you are going to have to decide if the other resorts fit your needs.

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    Default return

    We've been to CN, CTI, and CSS. They have all been wonderful but we are returning to CN this June. We can't wait. CTI is beautiful since the renovation. We haven't stayed there since but did take a day and go over last year from CSS. We love the island. CN is great because it feels more secluded but really isn't. We loved the beach there and Booby Cay which you can take a kayak over to and have some privacy. The diving was great. CSS was great too but the river coming in on the au naturel side made the water very cold. It's really a coin toss but I would say definitely try them all!

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    We had been to CSA a few times, and then tried CSS. While they are both different, they each have aspects that we love. CSS has the wonderful Friday night Starlight Gala.

    There is nothing like getting a massage in one of the huts on the cliffs at CSS - there is a lovely ocean breeze and you listen to the waves crashing below. Dinner on the patio at Casanova is spectacular - a very different experience than Feathers at CSA. Since CSS is smaller than CSA, we also felt that the service was a bit more attentive (not that it's impersonal at CSA). If you are looking to try Sunset Beach/AN, then CSS is also a good choice.

    Of course, we did miss the fabulous beach at CSA. Also, if you have your heart set on the catamaran cruise, they don't have that at CSS.

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    We've been to all 4 resorts and all are fabulous. What are you looking for? It's a bit easier to suggest a resort when you mention what you are looking for in a vacation.
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    Each resort is unique, and each resort has its fans, but all offer similar food and service. We've been to all four Couples Resorts, and while CN is our favorite, we had a wonderful time at each of the other three. You're obviously curious about the others, so try a new resort, and try to resist the impulse to compare. Accept your chosen resort for the wonderful aspects it has to offer, relax, and enjoy.
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    reneaw - ditto - I agree with everything you said

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