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    Default August 2011 Honeymoon! Questions

    Hi All,

    My Partner and I are getting married on the 6th august 2011 and we jet to Couples Swept Away the next Day!
    We both can't wait!
    We have booked the great house jacuzzi suite. (Has anybody stayed is it worth the extra pennies?)
    We hope the weather is good alittle worried that it is Hurricane season has anyone been at this time of year?.
    After 8 nights at couples we jet to Las Vegas (the bellagio)(woo hoo)Chill in Jamaica then party in Vegas.

    Anyway just saying Hi to all!!
    Thanks Roman & Allie x

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    Hi Roman & Allie,

    Congrats to you both on upcoming wedding - hope you have a great day.
    We have been to Jamaica for the last 2 years in August and thankfully (touch wood) have never had any issues with Hurricane Season. Yes, you will get heavy rain at times - mostly in the afternoon, and then it clears up again. We always travel the first week in August (Last year were at CN, the year before CSS ) and had only 1 day where it rained all day. We will be at CSS from 3rd to 10th August so we may bump into you there.

    You will have fab time at couples and Las Vegas to follow...I'm jealous!! Las Vegas would be my next favourite after Jamaica!

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    omg Roman & Allie,

    I am getting the same exact day AT CSA!!! We're also staying in the great house jacuzzi suite!!! We literally will have the same wedding day and stay in the same room and we have the only two rooms like that in the entire resort!!! That is crazy!! we're super excited! We'll have to stop by and say hello
    Dont worry... we've been there during the same exact week last summer and it was HOT but the weather was great. There was about an hour a day of rain in the afternoon but we used that time to take a nap or 'take a nap' LEt me know if you have any other questions. We've been to csa twice before

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    OHHH How wonderful for the both of you congrats on the marriages.. My husband and I will be vacationing at CSA Aug 3 thru the 10th.. Has anyone of you ever stayed at the Atrium suite? How is it..

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    We are staying at CSA from Aug.5-12 for our honeymoon as well How exciting! We booked the BFVS and can't wait for our first trip to Jamaica. Congrats

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