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    Default Hordeback riding CTI

    Can someone please tell me what days/times you can do the horseback riding @ CTI? Will be there in May 2011.. really excited.

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    I think it is 8, 11 and 1 everyday except Sunday, but not sure.

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    I believe in one of the other threads Randymon said they were discontinuing the Horseback riding at CTI. I'll try and find it somewhere is someone else hasn't

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    I guess it is discontinued starting in August.

    "Also effective August 21, we will be discontinuing our horseback riding inclusion for CTI guests due to operational considerations."

    Sorry for misspoken words.

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    Don't hold me to this, but I believe Randy put out a post last week or the week before that horseback riding at CTI sponsored by Couples has been or will be terminated. You may want to check into it further. Sorry.

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    Sorry, my bad, not until August 21st. You should be in good shape!

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