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    Hi everyone!

    Been reading these message boards for awhile, and it's making mean lean towards booking a CSA trip for December. Have a few questions I didn't see answered, hope someone can help me out.

    -Most importantly, how well does Couples deal with food allergies? My husband has a severe food allergy (the kind that can close up your throat and make you stop breathing), and most of our all-inclusive experiences have been good -- inform the resort a month or so before the trip, tell all the servers, when in doubt...ask, and sometimes the chef will even come out and offer to whip up a special sauce, or something not on the menu to substitute. We've also had a very bad experience, where the staff at one resort didn't quite understand how serious the allergy was, leading to some close calls. We take precautions on our end, so we'd expect the resort to do the same. I'd think Couples would be used to guests with allergies, so I'm hoping this won't be an issue!

    -I've looked at room pictures online, and it doesn't look like any of the CSA rooms have any drawers. This true? Kind of strange. I doubt I'll have room to hang everything, so where does it all go?

    -A silly question...but do they have bingo at CSA? I take my bingo very seriously, and have the bottles of rum to prove it The husband and I are also masters of useless information -- we're hoping they'll be at least one round of general trivia to keep us on our toes!!

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    I have a lot of allergies too and they deal with it, but it could be better. I have posted detailed info on my experiences in other threads that I will try to find for you.

    There are not drawers but there are shelves. How long are you going to be there? You should have enough room for everything unless you are staying for a really long time.

    I don't know about Bingo or trivia. If you bring some Bingo supplies you might be able to get a good game going though.

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    Here's one of the threads about food allergies.

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    If you go to the CSA web page and click on accomodations then view room under the descriptions you will see that there are drawers...for instance the verandah suites have four drawers in the wooden wall structure next to the bathroom door. Indeed space is not what you may have at home but my advice (as well as that of most of us who have been there) is to take out half of what you pack initially, you'll spend all day in your swim suit and only a couple hours in your clothes so you don't need much.

    As far as the allergy issue, there have been many on the message board with a variety of dietary concerns including allergies. If you deal with it as you have in the past Couples will accommodate you very well. The food there is out of this world.

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    Bob is allergic to white fish (same symptoms, his throat closes and he can stop breathing). He is just very careful and won't even risk eating something (e.g. a chowder) if there is a possibility that some white fish snuck in there. From everything I've read on the board, Couples will work with you. But, as you know, the onus is on you and not the resort to deal with this issue.

    There are a few drawers in some of the rooms. The verandah rooms have a couple of drawers. Some of the older rooms do not. There are open shelves that we pile stuff on. We also bring extra hangers for the closet.

    I've seen bingo once in awhile around the main pool at CSA, but I don't remember seeing it on this past trip in January (and I've never seen the "shots bingo" like they have at CSS). We're trivia buffs, too, and the closest I've seen to trivia at CSA is when Ultimate Chocolate plays "Name that Tune" at the Aura Lounge.

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    Thanks Melody. That post was very helpful. Not sure if it's exactly reassuring (especially considering your experience during your last trip). Will have to look into this some more.

    Shelves work! I just didn't want to live out of my suitcase for a week. But I'd stay for a really long time if I could

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    The Garden Verandah Suites have drawers, as do (I think) the Beachfront Verandah Suites. The Beachfront Suites and (I think) the Atriums have shelves. We generally bring some extra plastic hangars too....

    As far as allergies, if your husband is allergic to bee stings, please be advised that there are generally bees around the outdoor soda and ice cream machines and they're often buzzing around the interiors of the beach bars (fruit juices). These are yellow jackets, and while we haven't seen them sting anyone, I think you'd be advised to be sure to bring your epi pen.

    On our first trip to CSA my partner won a bottle of rum in a bingo game (there was an impromptu game in the Palms during a longer than normal rain shower)....I don't believe there are "organized" bingo games at set times - at least I don't remember them from a year ago....but the entertainment staff is always open to suggestions!

    Enjoy your CSA experience!

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