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    We are going to book at CSA after many trips to CN. I have been reading on trip advisor about too much road noise at CSA. Which room should I avoid to not hear road noise? Which rooms are the best value for the money?

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    we were at CSA last April and we stayed in the Atrium room. We found it to be very quiet. We did not hear any road noise and we could see the sea from our room. It was absolute perfection.

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    Road noise has only been an issue for the Garden rooms, which are closest to the road. And even then it seems to be quite subjective. Some people have complained, others have wondered what all the fuss is about and had no problems at all with noise. At the other end of the spectrum, there have been complaints about beach front rooms being too noisy from people walking by just outside your room along the beach. What'cha gonna do?

    My view on noise is this: It is a hotel/resort. There are people there to have a good time. Some people make noise when having fun, possibly at all hours of the day or even night. I have never stayed at a hotel the was completely silent all night long. That's just the way it is. If you are worried about the road noise, perhaps you should book a room other than the Garden verandah suites. We have stayed in the Ocean verandah suites for our previous four trips and have had no complaints with too much noise from roads, or other guests for that matter. That is not to say that it has been silent by any means, but certainly not a problem.

    As far as value, it depends completely on your budget level, at least in my opinion. All the rooms are great and quite similar in decor and atmosphere. All rooms are close to the beach, no one is more than a very short walk from the ocean. Beach front rooms are right at the edge of the sand. Check the photos, read the descriptions and the message board (keep an eye on your thread). Some rooms are closer to one restaurant or the other, but none are far from anything.

    I think you will love CSA. Have a great trip!

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    The road noise can be heard in the Garden Verandah Suites -- I'm not sure about others. We stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite and it was great. I think it's a nice middle-ground (literally) between the road and the beach -- which can be busy with alot of people walking by. We don't spend alot of time in our room, but when we do, we appreciate it being quiet.

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    We stayed in an Atrium room in the 2000 block building and there was a lot of road noise in the mornings and at night. It didn't really bother us because we like to get up early, but I don't think you could sleep in if you wanted to. Our building was close to the road, but there were a few in front of us (closer to the beach) that would probably be a little quieter.

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    If you don't mind being without a TV, I would book an Atrium or a Beachfront. :O)

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    We stayed in a garden verandah suite in the 4000 block which is close to the greathouse. We had no problems with noise but were on the ground floor. Maybe there is more noise upstairs. There is a bathroom window that faces the road. If you close that at night it will probably take care of any noise. I wouldn't worry about it. With the AC on we couldn't really hear anything outside our room.

    I felt like the beachfront rooms had the least privacy of any other rooms. They are only 50 steps closer to the beach than the others but people are constantly walking by so it's not as quiet as the others. We like our garden verandah because it feels more secluded from the rest of the resort.

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    We stayed in an Atrium in Sept 2010 and we had alot of road noise. That being said, we have stayed in Atriums on 3 other previous occasions and had no problem with noise so I think it depends on which Atrium suite you are given. Just a roll of the dice I guess.

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    I liked dirtleg's description. I'm a heavy sleeper, my husband sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and can't believe I don't know it. My husband is a light sleeper and the slightest thing will wake him. So as far as road noise goes it's going to depend on what type of sleeper you are how you would describe it and whether you will hear it. The garden verandah suites are closest to the road and most likely to be bothersome if you are a light sleeper. Even at that it would be mostly in the daytime (which would include the sleeping in times of morning) since as you know Jamaicans drive with their horns.

    Best value for the money is also hard to answer in that generic form of the question because it depends on what you are looking for in a room. Some people swear by the atrium rooms and they are down a little ways on the price list. For us, we spend a bit of time in our room on the verandah so for us the best view is important...we stayed in a beachfront verandah suite and probably wouldn't do it any other way. Some say the view from the great house is fabulous but you aren't right on the beach so it's a bit of a trade-off. So "value for the money" is difficult. What do you want, what are you looking for? The rooms at CSA are pretty similar on the inside it's the outside that sets them apart so you have to make your decision based on your preference.

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    Some Atriums have road noise. In the old section there are four layers or rows of buildings. The closest to the beach are Beachfront Suites, the two middle layers are Atriums and the one closest to the road are the Garden Verandah Suites. The Atriums that are closer to the beach don't have problems with road noise but some of the ones that are closer to the road do. It's not super loud but you can hear it. If you end up in one that is too loud and you can't sleep, just talk tot he front desk and they can help you out. When you are checking in you can also ask which rooms are available. They have maps at the desk so you can see if there are any that are in the beach layer of Atriums.

    The Atriums are our favorite rooms. We have been in Beachfront Suites and Atriums and while there are some things that we like about both, we like the Atriums better overall. They are a great room for the money.

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    we stayed in an atrium room in January and like carrie&corie were in a bulding closer to the street, right off the lobby. There was definetly car noise in our room, not too disturbing, since the air conditioning drowns out the noise but for light sleepers may be an issue

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    After looking at the resort map, I'd be willing to bet that the buildings closest to the main office get the most noise because people honk at the guards by the street there.

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    Thanks for the input. We have never taken advantage of the "trading places" while at CN because we dive. I don't know the lay out of CSA. My husband is a VERY light sleeper. Sounds like beachfront may be best for us! A little nervous about not going to CN but my husband wants to try something new. CSA gets rave reviews so I'm sure it will be irie!

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    If your husband is a very light sleeper you may actually want an OVS. The BVS and BFVS can be noisy in the early morning as staff are coming by on the sidewalk with carts getting the restaurants ready for breakfast. The sidewalks are literally right off the verandah so if you sleep that light it will be bothersome. We had a BFVS and it wasn't a problem for us but we like to get up early...I'm talking 6am or so, maybe earlier. The OVS is in the middle, away from the road and away from the sidewalk traffic.

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