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    Will someone tell me please how I can go about checking the lost and found at CSA for a pair of prescription glasses I know I lost there?
    They were black and they made me look like Elvis Costello, which my wife particularly enjoyed. Had em when I got there, went missing before I left, haven't saw them since.

    Thank you very much everyone.
    Mike & Diana

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    I'd call the resort.

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    "Made you look like Elvis Costello"..Are you sure you want them back, lol..I lost my favorite irreplacable shades on out last trip as well, never found 'em. The conseirre at the front desk has a lost & found box, that's your best bet.

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    Go to the front desk in the lobby. There is a book that lists the date something was found and a description of each item. I was very impressed with the book and how organized it was. I lost a gold and silver necklace there last time. I had little hope that I would get it back. It was in the book and the description of it was perfect. One of the super ladies from housekeeping found it and turned it in.

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    Are we taking late 70's circa "My Aim is True" EC, or the current look? He's looking a little creepy these days (he does have exquisite taste in suits and hats), but that classic new wave look is a good one. I know it's not the late 80's Spike era homeless guy look, as they don't let dudes looking like that on planes... :-)

    Hope you find your spectacles!

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    *Laughing* That's rich. Yeah i'd have to guess more like the old Costello and I agree he's going around looking a little weird these days. These were the specs that were the mens version of the black "rim horn" style frames. Wife said they made me look "artsy". She might have just been subtly asking if i'd given up shaving or "where did you get that shirt". In any case, i might just be looking for an excuse to focus thoughts on couples for the sake of ending up there later this year. Hardly need an excuse to get back to the island, mon.

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