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    Can anyone tell me the difference between the beachfront oceanfront 1 bdrm suite and the deluxe oceanview verandah room? The verandah room looks nicer and in a better location but.... it is cheaper in price? I need to book vacation tomorrow, any suggestions appreciated .

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    the verandah rooms are generally on the ground floor and do not have private balconies. the suites have separate bedroom and living rooms

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    I can only speak to the Deluxe Ocean Verandah room that we had a couple weeks ago. It was D07. The building was on the side of the hill, so lots of steps to get there, but this room, for us, was PERFECT. It was on the first floor at the very end closest to the ocean. This meant that our verandah had 2 views - one straight out to the beach/watersports area, and the other out at the ocean! Of course, not all of the Deluxe Ocean Verandah rooms can be on the corner. This may be the cheaper room, but for us, it was worth a million bucks!! Maybe someone else can chime in on the other rooms.
    Hope this helps!

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    We have stayed in all three. The balcony depends on which block you are in. Some of those in the D block have smaller balconies. That is where we ended up, but the location is almost perfect since it is about center for steps wise. We then booked the Beachfront because most of what we do is in the beach area, (which is where they are located) and my husband has COPD, so his breathing is getting pretty bad, so the steps became harder to manage daily. They are all nice rooms, and all have plenty of space. So if the steps are not a problem, I would book the ocean veranda.

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    we have only ever stayed in the beachfront. I think it may just be a few dollars more because you can walk onto the beach which is nice. also you are close to the beach grill and Pallazina. All the other rooms are up higher. I believe the rooms are maybe a little larger or nicer, but you are not directly on the beach, yet depending on the room the views are amazing, and you maybe very close to the mineral pool or something else. All of those rooms revolve around a varying number of stairs to go from your room to the beach. All being said the whole resort is lovely. It just depends on how many stairs you can climb or how close to the beach you want to be. hope that helps.

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