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    My wife and I and going to CTI in a couple weeks and we can't decided on what activities to do while we are there. Any vets of CTI have any suggestions?

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    Try the diving, you do have 1 free try dive if you are not certified. Dunns River Falls is a must. Chill and enjoy the staff will make your holiday a wonderful experience.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    My husband and I will be returning to CTI for the 4th time in August, can't wait! If you have never been to CTI Dunns River Falls is a MUST!!! The shopping trip is also a good activity to do. Try not to overload yourself with to many activities. You want to give yourself time to enjoy the resort and your spouse. I would suggest just doing 2 or 3 things depending on how long ya'll are there. Hope ya'll have a wonderful vacation! If you have anymore question I would be glad to help.

    Drew and Brandi

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    What they said AND try Tower Island!!

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    Who met rae_Dave at the island???? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE Love you guys!! Yep try the island we have met life long friends there that always keep us smiling and laughing. It wasn't anything like we thought. Our first trip we had visions of us going over there seeing a bunch of perverts and running back to the boat WRONG!! So try it because you won't see any of those people ever again...unless you want to hahaha We said, "lets go cause we don't know anyone and will never see these people ever again" Now we email, place drunken phone calls, and meet up whenever our busy lives will let us. Our 2nd trip we were greeted by everyone. They had painted their bodies to welcome my husband and I. It was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget all the people that did that It is special

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    While we haven't met Rae_Dave at TI, we have met other lifelong friends on the island. As others have stated, don't over schedule. There will always be the next trip!

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    Awwww. Jamerican girl, <3 you two!! What an experience! So glad we met!

    Luv'n life 'n stuff..

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