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    Can you hire a jet ski at CN? If so, what's the cost?

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    You sure can, and you'll be asked about a thousand times if you walk the beach at all. They start by offering 30 mins for $50, or an hour for $100. I rented one for an hour, at $80. Be careful if you go to the tip of land north of the bay, as the water gets pretty choppy out there.

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    Unfortunately, yes you can hire a jet ski at CN. I say it is unfortunate because the jet ski vendors are terribly annoying, incessantly hawking their rentals, hanging out on the rope swimming area divider gawking, creating a wake and leaving smelly exhaust odors. CN is at its best when there are no jet skis at all. Please do not encourage them by hiring a jet ski.

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    There is a guy who rides up and down along the ropes that has jet skis for rent. We've never rented them so I don't know how much they are.
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    Thanks for the info.

    It's not something we always do but have enjoyed occasionally in the Med where most beaches have them.

    I agree that they can be a pain if too close to swimming areas - they're usually a way down away from the relaxing areas so as to not disturb anyone.

    We'll wait and see when we get there I suppose!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
    ... CN is at its best when there are no jet skis at all. ...
    Well said.

    Theoretically there may be a few jetski vendors that are respectful of others, but the majority are incredibly rude and show little regard for others in the water. We're definitely not fans.

    One thing at CN that has baffled me is why the one area of the beach CN uses to put out watersports is the exact same area that jetskis are allowed to come to the beach (near the security shack area).

    This is where CN guests put out to sea on paddle boats, sea kayaks, windsurfers, hobie cats, or stand up paddle boards; many of them as novices. The combination of this with the constant jetskis roaring in and out and showing absolutely no respect for other craft is just ludicrous.

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    If you ignore them they seem to go away and not ask you. I think they are way overpriced from what I hear. I will ride one around my house for free if I wanted. I think most of the jet ski guys wanted to sell pot more than anything.

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