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    Default Great house jacuzzi Suite? help please!

    Hi all,

    Has anyone stayed in the great house jacuzzi suite? Do you have pictures of the view? Is there noise from the other stuff going on in the building? Please help me out! We are 'splurging' for the first time and i want to be sure this room is worth the extra $$.
    Thank you!!

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    We stayed in the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite in late January/early February. It is probably the biggest room at CSA (we'd always stayed in a Beachfront Verandah Suite before). The closet is enormous, and we liked the wet bar. Of course, it's the only room category at CSA with a jacuzzi in the room. I used the jacuzzi after a long day in the sun - it was heavenly. The tub is really only for one person (this question gets asked a lot). There is a big walk-in shower, and two sinks.

    I never heard any noise from the Aura Lounge at night. When we left the verandah doors open, you could certainly hear noise from the pool bar during the day. The Cabana Grill could also get loud at night, but when I closed the doors and turned on the air and ceiling fan, I couldn't hear anything.

    The halls are not carpeted. If you like to sleep in past 9:00, there will be some noise from housekeeping rolling their carts. We are not late sleepers, so this wasn't a problem.

    We were on the 2nd floor of the GH; attached is the view.
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    Thank you so much for this information!!! Its much appreciated it. So overall it was worth the extra money?
    We're getting married so we figured we'd get the biggest room since we have 5 people per side in the bridal party and everyone would be getting ready together! Thanks again.
    PS... how is the wet bar different than any other room? Or were you just saying in general you liked it?

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    Ashntommy - the term "wet bar" refers to the sink in the living area (in addition to the mini-bar). We liked the sink because it gave us a place to rinse out glasses and put our dirty glasses. Just a nice little extra.

    As far as whether the room is worth the extra money, that is hard to say. It's not that much more money than a beachfront verandah suite, but it's a lot more money than a garden suite. If you think you will use the jacuzzi a lot, then it is definitely worth the extra money. The double sinks in the bathroom might also come in handy when the bridal party is getting ready. It's bigger than the other rooms, but not that much bigger. I don't want you to be expecting a huge suite like you might find in the U.S.

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    Thanks so much, Bobandjudy. You're totally right.. im a dummy.. i was confusing minibar and wetbar. That will be nice to have that in the room. I didn't realize that was in there
    Normally we'd do the 'cheapest' room because we're not in it very often, but bc its our wedding we figured the extra sinks/space would come in handy and because we figured, go big or go home! you only get married once!(hopefully).
    Thanks again for the information.

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