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    We are considering booking a Beachfront Suite for our special anniversary and I thought I read somewhere that dinner can be served in your suite at no extra cost. Does anyone have any details about this? Is it a one-time event or can you do it more than once during your stay? Are there any other special perks??

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    From CN's Dining & Restaurants page:

    In-Suite Dining

    For guests staying in Garden Suites or Beachfront Suites, a special in-room dining menu is offered.
    Must be ordered one day in advance.

    Dinner can be served between 6:30pm and 9:00pm.
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    I did not stay in a suite, but as far as I know, you'd have to pay extra for an in-room dinner, not unless it's a perk of the couples returning guests program or something.

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    You can have dinner in your beachfront suite with 24 hour notice of your desire to do so. The menus are supposed to be in the suites, but they never are in our experience. Couples pays an employee to work extra duty and set up and serve the meal on your balcony. It is a very nice thing to do! Tell the guest relations people that you want to do it, and they will make it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxbgirl View Post
    ... I thought I read somewhere that dinner can be served in your suite at no extra cost. ... Is it a one-time event...
    There is some information on the "CN Dining & Restaurant" page, but it doesn't state that it is only available once per stay. We've stayed in a suite a few times, but believe it or not, forgot all about this option. We usually read every single thing handed to us and neither of us recalls anything written down about the option.
    See "In Suite dinning":

    Randymon stated that it is available only once per stay in this thread late last year.

    On this thread "teach1994" gave a detailed description (from 2009).

    Quote Originally Posted by oxbgirl View Post
    ... Are there any other special perks??
    The daily hors d'oeuvres are a really nice touch.
    The hammock on the balcony can be really nice and of course the much larger balcony, room, and bathroom are great to have.

    btw - weren't you just there a few weeks ago?? (your favorite/adopted bartender pointed you out to us). His daughter's birthday is today (3/17).

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    Hi - we did the in suite dinner a few trips back and it is the same menu you select from if you have the dinner on the beach and needs to be ordered I believe at least one day in advance = maybe two. I think to qualify you need to have a stay for 7 days and I am not sure if it is limited to once per stay or not. Other perks in the suite are the nightly snacks brought by before dinner and a great bathroom that is the size of a hotel room. Enjoy your anniversary

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    We almost always stay in a beachfront suite and use the inroom dining every visit. (we'll be back in 8 days and 8 hours, but, who is counting right?)
    The in room dining is part of the suite experience. The food is awesome!!!! And the service is great. You can dine in your shorts and listen to the waves and the tree frogs. I highly recommend the experience.

    We have only dined one night per trip in the room as the choices are always so good for evening dinners. You get 2 bottles of wine and the meal choices usually involve filet mignon. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

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    Teach1994: We're heading to CN for the first time in about 8 days also and will see you there! I teach too...let me guess from your post that you're a teacher too? Have a great spring break! Tim and Tam

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