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    We were at CSS in Sept. of last year and they seemed to be starting some kind of work in G Block. Does anyone know any more about this? Were they doing some kind of renovations? Or just fixing something?


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    They were renovating the plumbing throughout the whole building, it all needed scaling as they were having problems with pressure and no hot water...we were moved because of this and when we were there for a visit at the end of September the GM told us it was all done, so we're ready to stay in G block again in April (if we're lucky enough)!

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    Default As of Last week...

    We were there last week and heard nothing of this.

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    I didn't notice any kind of renovation project in Gardenia Block when we were there February 21-27, 2011.

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    There hasn't been any postings about renovations and just a couple of years ago they did do some renovations of all of the rooms. They must have just been doing some repairs to a room.
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