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    Default A birthday surprise...

    So we celebrated my husbands 27th bday last night & my gift to him was our 2nd trip to CSS! I booked it for March 2012 over his birthday! Less than a year to go and the suspense is already killing me Guess i'll be stalking the boards for the next year!

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    I did the same thing for my husbands 40th. It was the best present I ever gave for both him and me. Enjoy
    One Love Janice

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    Default :)

    Very nice! We are going to CSS for the first time thie April. Glad to know there are some other young ones like us around there! It soudns amazing!

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    We'll be there in a couple weeks and will be celebrating my hubby's 29th bday! This is our 5th trip to Couples. Age really doesn't matter at Couples. There are people of all ages - and if your age group happens to be in the minority, you won't notice.

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