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    Default Otaheite worth the hassle?

    Our trip is booked and I am starting to think about packing; I'm wondering if Otaheite is worth the trouble. Meaning with packing that's another pair of men's shoes (nice) and dress pants and collared shirt.

    If we cut that out of our plan we don't have to worry about wrinkles (simple dresses and wrinkle free polos, shorts , boat shoes).

    We've been to CSA before and weren't impressed enough to worry about the reservation time and extra hassle.


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    To me it was worth the minor hassle of packing a pair of light dress pants and a short sleeve dress shirt. For men, you don't need to wear dress shoes if you don't want to. I wore Birk sandals... They won't let you wear thong flipflops however. It was kinda amusing, when I booked the reservation in the main lobby a couple of days in advance, the dude inspected my sandals to make sure they were dressy enough, and they passed. The meal was excellent, we loved it. We had lamb and duck, two things we do not normally order. I have read some people complaining that the evening meals take a long time... but if you're doing a 3 or 4 course meal, with some drinks, then of course it's going to take at least a couple of hours. Sit back and enjoy the luxury, and the experience.

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    IMO, YES.......Of course all the restaurants are great, but i do really like to have dinner at Otaheite one night, because it is almost like having a private dinner, without paying for a private dinner. It is so nice and kind of more exclusive than the other restaurants...and the food is AWESOME!

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    It's absolutely worth it to us. We're returning for our 5th time and will book Otaheite as much as we can.

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    We have not been fans of Otaheite, out of 5 dinners there (excluding returners dinner when they were there) we were not very happy with the portions or the food. Do not get me wrong it was good but if I need to make a reservation two days out and not be able to get a table for two until 8:45PM the food needs to be so much better than the other restaurants and really WOW me. We love how slow and great the meal is served, service is top notch and the dressing up is not an issue as we dress most nights we are there, it just does not really surpass the other restaurants in quality. We dined ala carte all of our other nights on our last stay in July and I must say all the meals were excellent in the other restaurants and actually a few better than Otaheite. So basically we can do without eating there.

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    ABSOLUTELY! We love it. We always try to go a couple times when we are there.

    As for the shirts, a Hawaiian style shirt is fine and you can also wear it another night.

    FYI~You aren't in your evening clothes very long and it is acceptable to wear them more than one night. I like to mix and match consequently not needing to take a lot of evening clothes.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    It sounds like you're already packing most of what you would need - the only other thing you would need to include would be a pair of Dockers or similar pants. The boat shoes should work just fine as well as the polo shirts. Go for it - it's worth it in our opinion!!

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    Alright, seems that we should give it a shot Do we have to specify a table for 2? Will we be sat with others? We definitely aren't anti-social but having a romantic dinner for two is something we don't do a lot and would be preferred.

    Thanks for the responses, I thought the men had to wear long sleeve button down shirt..I'm glad the boat shoes will be fine, just throwing in some wrinkle resistant pants is easy enough.

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    When you call to make reservations, they will ask whether how many you want and they are really set up for mostly just two people....and I love the seats they way they have it set up. You may have to take a different sitting time. I think they have four times. But we have always been able to get just two. Have fun.
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    You can wear boat shoes..they just don't have mens toes sticking out!!!! and of course a light pair of slacks

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    When you book, let them know you would like a table for two. Although, we have been kamikaze and booked whatever they gave us! LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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