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    Default Dress Code CTI and Flight to CTI

    I'm just curious as to how strict the dress code is for the restaurants. It says no tank tops for the females, but what if it is a really nice one that you'd wear with black pants and/or capris? Also, for the guys, can they wear khaki shorts or do they have to wear dress pants? I know they say no flip flops for dinner, but i'm assuming a nice pair of sandals is ok for the ladies??

    We are thinking of taking the small plane from the airport to CTI. Is this something we should call and book, or just let them know at the airport when we arrive?? If we do decide to do the plane thing, are there cabs readily available once we arrive to the other airport? Do we have to call for one ahead of time? How far is it from the airport in Ocho Rios? Cost?

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    Not sure if the dress code you are referring to is for the reservation restaurant (8 Rivers) or just the dress code in general.

    If you are referring to 8 Rivers, then men do need to wear slacks and close-toed shoes with a collard shirt. Women need to wear a dress/sundress or slacks outfit. I've been to Couples 5 times and have never heard about women not being able to wear tank tops.

    If you are referring to any of the other restaurants, then nice shorts and sandals are fine and tank tops are also alright (I've worn them myself). The dress is a resort casual which basically means nice shorts and nice tops in the evenings or sundresses for the women. Ratty shorts and "wife beater" tank tops are not appropriate.

    Couples will arrange for a car to take to CTI. Just let the staff at the Couples Lounge know that you are taking the flight and they will call ahead to CTI and arrange a ride for you. The time is about 20 minutes to CTI from the airport.
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