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    Default Restaurants in Negril

    Can anyone recommend some local places to eat off the resort? We are going to CSA and would like to try some of the local places. I've heard of a few places but have forgotten the names. ok if a taxi ride away or within walking distance. Thanks for your help.

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    We always go off property one evening and Rockhouse and Pushcart are two favorites. We also like Ivan's at Catcha or Hungry Lion at the Caves - if you can get in.

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    For "authentic" Jamaican food I like Sweet Spice, you'd need to take a taxi since its out past the roundabout in town.Another place I like and is really close to CSA is Cool Spot. Its just across the road from the Greathouse at CSA.Cosmos is another good choice, its an easy walk down the beach from Swept Away(to the right) For someplace a little more upscale there's Kuyaba which is down the beach to the left. On the cliffs some of my favorites are Ivans at Catcha falling Star, LTU, Rockhouse or Pushcart, and then theres Canoe, which is kind of between the beach and cliffs. Also a lot of really good small inexpensive places all along the cliff road, too many to mention them all but some of my favortes have been Royal Kitchen for ital(no animal products),Da Bar and Grill for jerk chicken, Just Natural for the setting, Ros Roddys stand for ital,Out of Town Bakery for patties,(Niahs is good for patties on the beach) I think better stop..I"m making myself hungry. lol.
    I want to warn you that the food is so good at CSA that its sometimes hard to leave the property,but I think its great that you want to try some of the other local spots. We normally do a split trip cliffs/csa but we were only able to get away for a week this next trip so we had to cut out the cliff stay. I"m going to miss some of my favorite places this trip but I"m going to make a point of getting out for at least a lunch or 2,at least thats the plan Have a great trip!

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    Our favorites have been Rockhouse for a sunset dinner (awesome and they will pick you up for free, you pay the way back), Alfred's, Cosmo's, and 3Dives.

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